4 Year Old's Severe Rear Pains

Updated on December 03, 2013
C.G. asks from Santa Cruz, CA
9 answers

My 4 year old neice complains about her butt hurting badly, but she is to young to describe the pain to me. And she keeps putting her hands on her rear. She was recently constipated, but she has made poop for the last two days, normally. The constipation isn't the problem, any ideas on what it could be?

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answers from Wichita on

First of all, when you say that she has made poop for the last two days, what exactly do you mean? If a person is majorly constipated, then they can still produce more runny stool (which is going around the harder stool during elimination). If by 'normal' you mean stool that has some decent consistency to it, then this is probably not your/her issue.

Have you looked to see if there was some tearing when she was finally able to have a bowel movement? If she is 4, she should be able to explain something of the pain. Ask her if it stings...

A completely different thought would be to ask her if she has fallen down on her bottom recently. It is possible to fracture a tailbone by landing hard on your butt. This is actually something that a child can do rather easily. Maybe ask her when she noticed that it was hurting and what she was doing at the time...

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answers from Seattle on

- broken tailbone
- anal fissure/ cut or split on her rectum (common after large BMs)
- yeast infection (rectums get them, too!)
- bruise/hard landing
- pimple

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answers from Portland on

If she suffered a slight tear during a difficult poop, that can not only hurt like hell, but can cause additional painful spasm of the sphincter muscles. I've been there, and anal fissures are fairly common in children. If it continues, please have a pediatrician check her. It's very hard for a parent without medical training to identify a tear inside the rectum.

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answers from Portland on

What was the size and texture of her poop two days ago? I suspect it was large and hard since she was constipated. She could also have had a difficult time pushing it out. All of that would make her anus hurt. Have you looked at her anus to see if it's red and irritated? It may also have a small tear but even if there is no sign of damage just having been stretched will cause pain for a few days.

You can put hemorrhoid cream on and a bit inside her anus. It has an anesthetic in it. Or just wait a few days for it to heal.

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answers from Miami on

I'll bet she hurt her tailbone. I did that when I was in middle school. Talk about painful! You should take her to the doctor about this.


answers from Seattle on

Put her in a nice warm bath...she probably hurt her butt when she had a hard BM. I used to nanny a little girl who had such a hard time pooping and she would always say her butt was hurting. She would cry, it was awful! Make sure she is drinking plenty of water and high fiber.



answers from Raleigh on

Could be chafing, or she could have hurt her rectum when passing a large BM. Just put a little petroleum jelly on a q-tip and apply to that general area. That will help protect any tears or chafing.


answers from Austin on

What does the doctor think?
If it lasts more than 3 days, I would call and have her checked..

So many possibilities..



answers from Seattle on

In addition to Riley's recommendations, she might have pinworms, which is easily treated by your MD/pediatrician.

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