4 Year Old Emergency Vehicle Party Ideas

Updated on September 22, 2009
J.H. asks from Escondido, CA
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HI Moms: My little guy wants an emergency vehicle party and I am at a loss for fun ideas. Our fantastic police officer neighbor offered to bring his police car over for a demo/photo opp which I thought was so sweet. Chili was one food idea. games: ??. It will mostly be family and a few of his friends and their moms. We are trying to keep costs down this year, birthdays have always been big but low costs (lots done ourselves) but this year we are really wanting it as inexpensive as possible. I am open to all ideas.

Thanks so much, J.

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I hope this link works: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/photo.php?pid=100178&am...

My friend made a very cool fire engine cake for his son's birthday. You can see he used candy and cookies to help decorate. I believe it was just a 9 x 13 cake that he cut in half and then put together lengthwise using frosting to hold it together.

If I think of more ideas I'll let you know!

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Modify redlight/green light to include "siren" in which the kids have to stop drop and roll.

My kids also like it when we test the smoke detectors. Maybe do a fire drill, too?

Our local Walmart has foam cut-outs in the shape of deputy stars that the kids could decorate for nametags to take home.

Maybe do activity/dress up stations around the house - one area for police, one for EMS, one for firestation. Maybe do paper bag vests for dress up - if they're old enough maybe they could help decorate the vests themselves? Do the red light/green light game with the police (or some other "traffic-related" game or race.) Doctors' kit for the EMS station. Water games/hoses/sprayers for the firemen.

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One of our good friends does a "OMG...what happened to the CAKE????" party for their child every year. It's always been "stolen" and is hidden somewhere in the house.

It started off because a friend of theirs who's a cop in SF was visiting family near them, and he volunteered to arrive at their house in uniform when they called the police to report the stolen cake at their son's 4th bday party. He "deputized" all the kids at the party (en masse), and found the first "clue" (in a manilla envelope labeled "clue"). Each clue was a direction to the next clue, until finally the cake was found.

It was super fun. The kids broke into teams and followed "clues" to track down the cakes whereabouts (took about 5 minutes). The year after that the cake was abducted by aliens and they had to find home made DVD's with a 1970's computer image talking in the voice of "Hal" (the hit line of the night was "You. Yes you. Stop picking your nose. Please stop picking your nose, earthlings. Please stop picking your nose."...and this past year it was an archeological expedition...with the purported cake robbers "antiquities thieves", with a combo of video clues and envelopes.

Don't know if any of this might help (maybe not) but when you said your officer neighbor was bringing over the car...it just took me back to that first party.

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answers from Bakersfield on

Hi, your local fire station usually will offer free tours of the station, give out fire fighter hats, stickers and badges and also show them the ins and outs of the fire truck. They also make sure the kids know all about "stop, drop and roll"-which you can turn into a race game later at home. Give your local station a call and I bet you'd be surprized what they can do for the kids. Good luck.



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Instead of pin the tail on the donkey...why not get a large foamboard & draw a policeman on it & play pin the badge on the cop...or pin the firehose noxxle to the firemans hand?? MAKE INVITATIONS ON YOUR COMP THAT RESEMBLE A TICKET. or tell them thy are invited to put the fire out on the cake on a firetruck invite. thats all i have...sorry, C.



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in the past, we've asked our local fire dept. to stop by with the fire truck at our kids' parties. they were great -- one time they brought plastic fire hats for the kids, another time sticker badges and pencils, gave the kids a tour of the truck, posed for pictures, etc...



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familyfun.com has lots of cute ideas for this theme. check out oriental tradin company also.



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cupcakes with little toy cars on them
do car races

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