4 Year Old Daughter W/recurring Vaginitis

Updated on January 16, 2008
D. asks from Stratford, CT
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on and off (mostly on) for the past 6 months, my daughter's vagina is irritated, red and odorous. we've been (per the dr.) giving her vinegar baths, putting lotrimin on the affected external area and it doesn't clear up. a culture was previously done indicating no internal problem. a new culture is being done now to look for UTI. has ANYone had this experience? Can anyone suggest what this may be / what course of action to take? I am worried for her health.

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So What Happened?

thanks for your responses - it turns out that she has strep b which the doctor will treat w/antibiotics. any tips pertaining to strep b would be appreciated! thanks all!

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I treated my daughter - also 4 years old - with probiotics, assuming that she had a systemic yeast issue (as I did several years ago). We used ThreeLac, which is available online. My daugter had had vaginitis consistently since birth, and it cleared up within days of starting the probiotics. I kept her on the "theraputic" dose for about a month. Now whenever the vaginitis seems to be returning I give her one dose of probiotics and it clears.



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Avoid sugar. Try organic plain yogurt, smooth on area, can be left on over night then wash off in am.
Look for a product called BioK in health store, it's in the refridge section (Whole Foods carrys it) Can be mixed in with fruit or cereal or just eat like yogurt.
Use natural organic soaps. Make sure she wipes from front to back. And no wearing underware at night, it's best to have the area air out at night.



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Wash vagina with regular strong tea or chamomile tea, and always let air dry after towel drying. We also use permanganese - they are little red crystals you can get in a pharmacy, for washing wounds or anything else that might be infected. V effective. Good luck. J.



answers from Albany on

Try giving her daily doses of acidopholous - the live cultures in yogurt. There are great tasting chewables found in the drug store/grocery store.

Also try to ensure that she is wiping properly, using enough paper, wiping front to back, keep area clean and dry. It sounds like a simple rash from the uric acid in the urine irritating the skin. I treat my daughter's with a warm bath - no bubbles, and I apply balmex, cotton undies and it usually clears up overnight.


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