4 Year Old Birthday Party - Aurora,IL

Updated on February 21, 2013
A.M. asks from Aurora, IL
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Trying to find a unique birthday party for my little girl turning 4 next month. I would love a princess dress up party, or kind of dancing party. Im tired of doing the "jumpy" places. Any suggestions?

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answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter's 4th birthday party was a tea party. It was so much fun and cheap! She only invited girls (which was a little tough), but it worked out. We had it from 10-12. The girls came dressed up (either fancy dresses or princess dresses...their choice) and I had them make little purses. Then I gave them a few fake dollars and sent them to our little "store". It was a table with plastic jewelry, stickers, etc. Then they made picture frames that were shaped like teapots (found them on Oriental Trading). We had taken their picture when they walked in and my husband printed them while we were having the party. Then they sat at the table and had little pb&j's or meat and cheese sandwiches, cookies, and juice in tea cups. I made their tea cups (got 12 at IKEA for $20) by stenciling their name on the front. That was their favor to take home (along with the purse and frame). Then we had cupcakes, presents and went home. Loved it! This year she wants a pajama party (not sleepover...just a morning party with their pajamas). Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

How about a tea party? Ask the kids to dress up and serve finger sandwiches, tea in real tea cups (you might find an inexpensive set online or at a thrift store), fancy napkins (something floral can be found at any party store) and cupcakes.

Oriental Trading has color your own tiaras for $3 for a dozen:http://www.orientaltrading.com/color-your-own-heart-princ...

Get washable markers and let them have at it as an activity.

You can also look at wedding stuff or see if you can find some Valentine name card or photo holders so each girl can get her own place name. If you don't want to assign seating, buy blank card stock and let them decorate their own.


Let them take all these things home as their goodie bag.

Maybe something like http://www.orientaltrading.com/carriage-treat-boxes-a2-3_... or http://www.orientaltrading.com/tea-party-die-cut-treat-bo...

I think you can do a great party for not a lot if you are creative. When my SD was 4, DH did simple cone hats with ribbons coming out the top for each girl and made a castle cake with a sheet cake with cupcakes for towers. SD still remembers that party fondly.

There's actually a TON of tea party things on Oriental Trading. My DD wants dinosaurs and butterflies (together...again) so I wish I could do a tea party!



answers from New York on

Send out invitation to a "Royal Tea Party" and invite the girls to your home or a local tea shop for tea & cookies. Invite the girls to wear their very best party dresses and greet them at the door with a tiara. If you do it at your home, have them decorate it with jewels and make it their "activity" and "gift". If you do it outside of your home, then have them pre-made.

Finger sandwiches (PB& J, tuna salad, egg salad, etc) served on a "silver platter" (AKA silver plastic from party city).
Cheese and crackers
fruit platter
veggies and dip
brownie bites
mini cupcakes
make your own sundae bar
tea (hot and cold)
"sparkly juice" (seltzer and juice served in plastic champagne flutes)

To make it extra special I would see if any of your friends have older children who would be willing to "work" as "waiters" for the day. Bonus points if Daddy will dress in a suit, wear a crown and be Prince Charming!

If you are crafty, you could also have them decorate royal robes. You can make them fairly easily using felt and ribbon. Have them pre-made and ready to decorate with ribbons and jewels.



answers from Oklahoma City on

We did a dress up party like this a few years ago. There was a place where they had all sorts of dress up clothes, princess dresses, rock and roll stuff, shoes, purses, crowns, all that sort of stuff.

They did the kids makeup, fixed their hair (it wasn't fancy or anything, just put up then a crown put in it), and then the girls got on the raised floor over in a corner and they did karaoke. The parents could buy the video too. It was a lot of fun.

It wasn't a very big place either. They used plastic trellis to decorate the walls with flowers and tulle. It was very fantasy like. The tulle even went up to the light fixture in the middle over the table they used to eat the cake. There were mirrors everywhere so the kids could see themselves dressed up too.

It was a lot of fun and a parent could do this to their dining room or living room. IT could be a lot of fun and not too expensive.



answers from Kansas City on

My daughter's 3rd birthday was at a princess place and it was really cute. It was at a little local boutique, so maybe google it and see if you have options in your area.

Otherwise it would be very easy to do at home!! You can have girls come in their dress up clothes, most girls that age have some and if not you can probably borrow some from your own stash or a friend's for those without. You can make tiaras, jewelry, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Build a Bear is also cute and somewhat unique. If you have a small crowd it wouldn't be too expensive. Paint your own pottery places are pretty popular too. I know some cupcake bakeries around here do parties, so you could look into that.



answers from Columbia on

What about American Girl Place? That is where I had my daughter's 4th birthday. For her gift she got the doll and I got the matching outfits. Then we (and some of our family and a couple of her friends) had dinner. The dinner is amazing. They really cater to the birthday girl. And they have little table attached "seats" for the dolls. She LOVED it.

She might be too young for Sweet and Sassy.... but they have fashion shows and they will come pick the girls up in a Limo. One of my daughter's friends had that party.... but I think they were 8.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Do you have a local science center, zoo or aquarium? Many of them do very good parties. Lots of fun, inclusive of both girls and boys and help little girls see that they can do more than look pretty.

The jump places are hellishly loud (I hate them) but at least they encourage physical activity. And a great night's sleep :)

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