4 Months Post Partum, Skipped Period?

Updated on December 01, 2018
S.D. asks from Kingman, AZ
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Okay I was breast feeding for the first 2 months and had to stop. I started my first period pretty early after giving birth I want to say like a month and a half, I was still breastfeeding. The next month a regular period. And now this month nothing. I'm freaking out because I do not wa t to be pregnant again. Is this normal?

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answers from Minneapolis on

Wait while I pull out my crystal ball to determine if you are pregnant. If you get tired of waiting, go ahead a buy a pregnancy test.

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answers from Houston on

Please call your doctor.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia.
Freaking out isn't going to do anything or fix the situation.
GO TO YOUR DOCTOR and get a blood test done.

Your body changes after giving birth and for every W. it's different.

If you are having unprotected sex and don't want to get pregnant? You need to see your doctor and get on The Pill, use a condom or something else. Right now - get to your doctor for a blood test

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answers from Dallas on

Why have you not asked your Dr these questions?

Go get a pregnancy test, take it and see happens. You'll have your answer in a couple minutes. If you have had unprotected sex, you can be pregnant.

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answers from Norfolk on

After you give birth it often takes a year or more for your hormones to level out and for things to get regular again.
Many women can get pregnant without even starting their period again after birth.
Breast feeding is not a birth control method.
If you are done having babies then get your tubes tied and Hubby can have a vasectomy and you won't be freaking out over irregular periods anymore.

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answers from Atlanta on

You really need to see your OB/GYN.

Why are you freaking out? Are you not an adult and been educated on the female reproductive system? You would know that your body changes after pregnancy. Breast feeding is not birth control. It's an old wives tale.

If you aren't prepared to have another child? Please see your doctor and don't have unprotected sex until you have chosen a birth control method and given it time to work.

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answers from Dallas on

You need to go to the dr. some thing breastfeeding will not let you get pregnant that is an old wives tail. But it also could be your hormones. You wont know without seeing your dr. Good luck and congrats on your new baby!

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answers from Washington DC on

it's hard to imagine any woman in this day and age being unaware that post partum one's periods may well be wonky for a bit.

even harder that anyone would have unprotected sex if they don't want to be pregnant.

instead of freaking out, how about taking a pregnancy test?

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answers from San Francisco on

Do you know how to use a phone? It would be super easy to call your doctor's office and ask about this.
Obviously if you're not using birth control and you're having sex you could be pregnant.

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answers from Portland on

There is no 'normal' .. everyone's body and hormones are different. You'd have to check with your doctor to find out if you are pregnant.

You can get pregnant while breastfeeding or weaning.

You should have been told this. I was on the mini pill while breastfeeding and afterwards. When I got my period and was no longer breastfeeding, I switched to the regular pill. If you are not pregnant (I would get tested), get on/use protection.

It can take months to get a regular cycle going again.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If you want to know if you are pregnant? Buy a home pregnancy test and pee on a stick. How do you expect people to help you if you aren't even going to help yourself?

Go to your doctor. Ask for a blood test.
Learn about human reproduction and how babies are made.
Don't have unprotected sex if you are not ready, willing or able to have another baby.

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answers from Portland on

I am sorry to say that if you haven't been using birth control you might be pregnant. Nursing is not a reliable firm of birth control.

Of course hormones often mess up the way our body acts. So, you also might not be pregnant.

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