4 Month Old Won't Eat from Right Breast, Help Please!

Updated on April 07, 2009
M.K. asks from Brookfield, WI
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My second son is 4 months old and for the last couple weeks doesn't want to breastfeed from my right breast. My first son did like my left breast better too but would breastfeed from my right breast, Sawyer my 4 month old refuses to breastfeed from the right side. I can get him to breastfeed from the right if he is half asleep or sometimes if I start him out on the left then once the milk lets down quick switch him to the right, but that doesn't always work. I breastfed my older son until he was 13 months and was planning on breastfeeding Sawyer until he was a year old too but I can't keep doing this. Sometimes I pump and give him a bottle but if he doesn't breastfeed from both breasts I don't think I can continue breastfeeding. Any suggestions?? I don't think he has an ear infection, no temp and will lay down on the right side without getting upset. I don't feel any teeth coming through but he does drool a lot and loves to chew on his fingers all day. But if he were teething, could this only affect one side??
Hope this isn't TMI but my right nipple is smaller than my left but it doesn't seem like he has trouble latching on?
Any help would be great!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My right breast was what I called my low flow boob. I had to sooth the initial hunger on the left and then switch the baby to the right when he was not as hungry and willing to take the time to eat. I also pumped in an effort not to get lopsided.



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My son would not eat on my right side after 4 months my left side was my super boob. I pumped on my right side each time I nursed him and fed him that milk in a bottle or stored it for when I needed it. Pain in the butt, yep but it worked. Most people I know had kids who refused the right side at some point. I know that is not what you are looking for just wanted to let you know you are not alone.



answers from Duluth on

My son preferred my right side & I had trouble getting him to use the left. I finnlay discovered two things. 1) the right side produced more & was easier for him to get milk from so he preferred it as it was easier. 2) he preferred to be on his left side when nursing. I fixed this by using the football hold on my left side so he would be more comfortable. Eventually he nursed off both sides equally & didn't mind switching positions as much.



answers from Sioux Falls on

The La Leche League has great input and wonderful advice. I have called their 800 number twice and gotten so much help. My problem recently sounds a lot like yours. They stayed on the phone with me for half an hour each time. It is really a wonderful resource, so I would recommend calling them.

Good luck!



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Being that breast milk works on a supply and demand basis there isn't really a reason for him to nurse from both sides. I know tons of mamas that only nurse on one side. When my youngest was a newborn he definitely preferred the left side and I had to fight with him to get him latched on to the right side but he eventually got over it. If he never gets the hang of the right side your body will regulate itself and make enough on the left side to keep him full.

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