4 Month Old with the Flu

Updated on January 13, 2009
R.C. asks from Kingwood, TX
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My 4 month old son went to the doctor today and has the flu. How long will it last and what do I need to do around the house for him?

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for all the advice. I started Aiden on his meds last night that his doc prescribed and he seems to be doing a little better today. Running a fever so I am giving him tylenol every 4 hours. Thanks again for all the help =)

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Lysol everything! Wash toys. Wash your hands a BUNCH! (This is especially true once he is older and touching things- but not a bad idea now,also.)



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You need to ask your pediatrician or his nurse practitioner. My understanding is that, since he is under 6 months old, Motrin is not an option. Also, be very careful with giving him water. Children that age still have immature kidneys and excess water can cause problems. I think that it's 8 oz or less for that age, but again, check with your doctor.



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vaporizer! finally learned my lesson w/ the cool mist humidifier! only makes the room cold! get the warm mist vaporizer and they can at least breathe which makes sleeping much easier! other than that, time!



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Keep him hydrated and alternate motrin and tylenol every 4 hours for fever. I would also sanatize everything that he has come in contact with to avoid "sharing" the flu with anyone else.



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The flu usually runs about a week. If he's running a fever alternate tylonal and motrin, and keep him hydrated. I would suggest pedialyte, popsicles, and if you can water. But I wouldn't use water in large amounts, there are some studies out that say you can give your baby too much water and make them sick. He's going to be fussy, and whiney. So try your best to keep you sanity. He may also be vomiting and have diarreah. So I would have some extra pampers on hand.



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Hi Rhonda,

Motrin is not recommended for babies under 6 months old. However, your pediatrician may advise otherwise and give you a dose based on the baby's weight. Tylenol is okay though and can be given every 4 hours. Motrin is every 6. And if your doctor says it's okay you can give both Motrin and Tylenol.

My son got the flu in early December. He was almost 9 months at that time. It was pretty miserable and lasted about 5 days. He had a fever and wouldn't eat. He lost all the weight he gained over the previous 3 months and was the same weight at his 9 month well check that he was at 6 months. Keep trying to feed him and make sure he's hydrated. Hang in there and try to get some rest when he does. It's hard when your baby is so uncomfortable and you can't make it better.




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Hi R..
Sorry to hear your little one is ill. Flu can really bbe a bummer, but when you are 4 months old that is scary- he hurts all over and all i can suggest is just holding him close and tight- this alwyas helped my little ones- however none really got that sick at 4 mo. It will be hard on you but just get in your most comfortable chair and prepare to be there for a while until he gets better. If you can give him baby tylenol or such- tht may help some- but the best thing for him is to just sleep and stay as full of liquidss as he can hold.
It should be over in a week or 10 days-
blessings and good luck



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Flu last about a week or a little more depending on the childs immune sytem

in the furture give your baby vita-lea for children and extra c vitamins optiflora works wonders


Take care and be blessed

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