4 Month Old Sleeping on Side.

Updated on October 22, 2010
K.C. asks from Naperville, IL
8 answers

Is it safe for my 4 month old to sleep on side? The crib matress is on a slight incline due to reflux. There is nothing else in crib besides sheet. Bumpers guards are down. Thank you!

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answers from Boston on

yes it is but please do not put supports/wedges/positioners in the crib like another poster suggested. These have been recalled because of suffocation risks.

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answers from Dallas on

When my son was that age - he slept better on his side

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answers from Boston on

My son would Only sleep on his side! I think your Safe and as long as your both getting sleep :-) thats a good thing!!

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answers from Detroit on

Once my daughter was able to roll (around that age), she would roll over on her side to sleep the moment we put her down. As long as there is nothing to suffocate her (blankets, etc.) I don't think I would worry about it.


answers from Cleveland on

As long as you don't have any blankets or extra stuff in their bed.
Can he/she lift their head off the bed on their own?

My nephew never liked sleeping on his back. We would put him to bed on his back and he would always wake up or move himself over onto his belly.


answers from Chicago on

agreed with Red, it is all good to sleep on the side, there are supports if your baby needs them.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter who is now 6 months has slept on her side since birth. Really even in the hospital she wouldn't stop crying until she was placed on her side. She also has reflux and her crib is on incline.

She loves her side and the doctor said it was fine but if you can try to rotate the sides so her head doesn't conform to being on one side all the time.



answers from Chattanooga on

Should be fine... My Pedi. always told me back OR side to sleep on until she could roll on her own, then let her sleep however she wants.

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