4 Month Old Is So Fussy

Updated on September 13, 2008
V.P. asks from Park Ridge, NJ
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I have a 4 month old who has been sooo fussy lately. I don't know if he's teething or in pain. He used to be so good and barely ever cried or fussed. I feel like I'm always having to rock him and hold him. Help.......

Ok, let me revise this. I've been nursing him and I did start cereal when he turned 4 months, which is about 3 weeks now. He sometimes latches on and then sometimes he doesn't. I know he's hungry and I'm always putting him on to feed him and he gets so upset and does't latch on. Till eventually he latches on after I rock him a little and calm him down.

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Sounds like he's not happy with the cereal being added to his diet. I'd try sticking with just nursing him at this point and talk with the doctor at his next appointment.



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Dear Vivian,

You haven't given many details. Are you nursing? Is he on formula? Is he eating solids? If he is not eating solids maybe he is hungry. Have you talked about this with your doctor? If he was never fussy and now he is he may be hungry. My son and daughter were both colicky, and your baby is too old for that now. I would talk to the doctor and perhaps he may suggest introducing some cereal to help if it is hunger. It could also be boredom. Do you move around to different activities that are stimulating to him? Good luck!!



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Hi V.,

I am going through something similar with my baby. She is 6 months 3 weeks and she started cereal at 6 mnths. She was a great baby and everyone would tell us how happy she is, but after the cereal she has been so fussy! the only time she is content is when you hold her! She is about 17 pounds and I can't hold her all day long!! I agree with the mother who said to wait ,but ask your ped. first. I also heard that sometimes it takes sometime for babies to adjust to new foods , because their digestive system is still developing. I notice when I nurse my baby she doesn't latch on as long too. This is most likely because they are full from the cereal or just may have a belly ache. 4 mnths is when my daughter started teething,so it might be a combination of things making your baby fussy. If you want to continue with the cereal mix it only with breast milk it's the best for baby and easier to digest than formula! Hope this helped and I will let you know if I found out anything else! Good Luck!

M. :)



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might be teeth. try Gentle Naturals Homeopathic Teething drops-basically chamomile, but works wonders! i found it at Target in the baby section or do an online search.



answers from Rochester on

I would suggest that you may want to talk to your doctor about a possible milk or lactose problem. I realise that you may also be out of milk too. You could try pumping to see how much you are producing. Have you tryed a bottle? He may not just want to nurse. You could still cuddle and hold him under your shirt for the time being but I would suggest that you try pumping and a bottle to see if he needs a different kind of formula. Carrie



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You said that this stated around the time you started cereal. It could be the cereal. My son couldn't handle cereal, actually he couldn't handle iron and he was up ALL night with horrible gas. Cut out the cereal for a few days and see how he is, at 5 months my ped. suggested started non-green veggies, so I skipped cereal entirely and moved to that. As long as you are nursing when he wants he will not starve. Unfortunately, so much is trial and error, you really just have to find what works for the two of you.

Good Luck!

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