4 Month Old Has Bad Diarrhea

Updated on September 19, 2010
E.G. asks from Clinton, MS
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My 4 month old has had now 4 days of diarrhea. I took her to the doctor and they said can't really give anything to her could be teething or have a stomach bug. She had 7 yesterday and her bottom is so red. Does anyone know of anything that could help poor thing. Imagine having 7 as an adult!

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answers from Boise on

Give her lots of naked time to help with the redness. You can also put something on her bum to create a barrier between the skin and poop, like some rash cream. Something oily seems to work better, even something like bag balm. The diarrhea could be teething (mine is the same age, and same thing). To help with that you can get some infant probiotics. BioGaia has some drops.

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answers from Columbus on

Poor little girl.

I don't know anything to help with the "front end" (ie to stop it from happening), on the back end, to help heal her bum, coat her bottom with each change (whether it was poopy or not--each & every change) with Triple Paste ointment.

If she's teething, is she putting stuff into her mouth? It could be that she get a bacteria from some random thing she was chewing on. If that is the case, maybe see if you can direct her to chew on objects that you know are cleaned and sanitized. I think some baby chew toys are able to be put through the sanitize cycle of a dishwasher.... maybe that could help prevent it from happening again?



answers from New London on

When my baby has diarrhea I cut his formula bottle's in half and add pedialyte to it (i.e. 3 oz formula and 3 oz pedialyte). I also add a probiotic powder packet (Culterelle) and then put loads and loads of A&D or Aquaphor on his bum.



answers from Chicago on

I agree with both prior posts...

Pedialyte and probiotics help from the inside.

Sitting in a warm water bath (no soap), maybe with an Aveeno Oatmeal bath packet, naked time to dry out the tush and then Aquaphor or TriplePaste Diaper cream when it's time for a diaper.

For naked time, we put down a "pee pad" (disposable adult incontinence pad) under the baby, so if they wet/poop there's little mess to clean up. A lot nicer than towels you have to then wash out. You just roll it up and throw it out. We'd do "tummy time" and let the tush air out while the baby plays.



answers from Lawton on

Mash up a bananna and feed it to her..If not better in a day take her back to dr.and demand he do something..



answers from Dallas on

I would take her back to the dr. I would worry about dehydration at this point.



answers from New London on

they say that you can boil rice with lots of water and give the baby rice water (the water, not the rice). Cool it first. The starches will help with the loose stools and it has vitamins, etc. You can look it up on google if you have questions, but this remedy is used by many in other countries. Also regular desitin will help with the red bum.



answers from Little Rock on

Make sure they test her stool for rotovirus. My son had diareah for 2 weeks with doc telling me it was just a bug. Finally after being in the hospital for 5 days for severe dehydration we were told it was rotovirus. We almost lost my son because of it. His doctor came to the hospital to apologize.



answers from Miami on

Keep her hydrated and change her OFTEN! Use thick cream for her bum over night, like Desitin. Lather it on THICK so the mix of pee and poop don't come in contact with her skin. Though I find A&D helps heal quicker, I use it during the day, cause it doesn't stay on as long. And don't use commercial wipes, rinse her bum with clear water and gentle soap and pat (don't wipe)dry.

Ask your doc before giving her pedialyte or even water if she's breastfed, tho. 4 months if awful young to take pedialyte if not necessary... Do a google search for the signs of dehydration so you know what to look out for, t's the first cause of baby hospitalization in cases of diarrhea!

Hope she gets better real soon!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I agree, 7 in one day is a bit much - I'd call the doctor back. As for the rash, the Aveeno diaper rash packets that go in the bath are GREAT! Used them with my son when he had diarrhea and a horrible rash, and it really helps. I also recommend the A&D ointment - I think it's the original formula, it looks like vaseline basically. It seems to stick on better when the rash is really bad. I hope your little girl feels better soon. Good luck!



answers from Oklahoma City on

beaudroux's butt paste is an exellant product.

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