4-Year Old Has Hoarse Voice

Updated on August 24, 2010
S.S. asks from Chicago, IL
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Hi - my son has had bouts of hoarseness for the last couple of years. It always goes away - but it concerns me every time it comes back. Any suggestions as to what it could be? I will probably ask his primary care doctor for a referral to a pediatric ENT - but am a bit reluctant to put my son through lots of testing if it isn't necessary.

Thanks a lot!

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This hoarseness happened to me a few years ago, and when we moved it went away permanently. We later found out that there was a dangerous mold in that other home. A nutritionist was able to muscle test and determine this, and then recommend supplements to help me get over it quickly.



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My bet is allergies. I would get hoarse and lose my voice almost quarterly. I finally got tested this year and found that I am allergic to 22 things. I had my kids tested when they were little and it didn't bother them at all. Good Luck.



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Hi S. -

Can you think back to when during the year this occurs?

It could be hayfever/seasonal allergies. This happens to me at times in late Spring. It depends on your allergies and what is in the air when.

For instance, a mold allergy might be in full force for someone now with all the rain we've had recently or back in April. August is typically ragweed season too.

Talk to your pediatrician. If it is allergies,(s)he may recommend OTC Claritin or Zyrtec, an Rx like Singulair or an Rx nasal spry like Nasonex - perhaps even a combination. Be careful if you try Zytrec - it worked real well for me, but I took at night as recommended yet still felt drowsy when I would wake up.

My allergy cocktail consists of an antihistamine (usually Allegra but I switch to Claritin and occassionally Zyrtec in the summer) and Singulair. I've also needed a boost with a nasal spray during my bad allergy seasons.

Don't freak about an ENT ... I've learned medicine is more art than science and most doctors would normally do trial & error with some of these medicines before putting you through the hassle and expense of a specialist if they don't feel it is really necessary. Be sure to let the ped know how you feel.

M. G.



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I had a patient (I am a dentist) who had a very hoarse voice from severe GERD. She ended up having surgery to repair the sphincter. Could it be that?



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Came across your question,searching for answers to my three year old girl hoarse voice for the past 2 mths.I didn't think it could b environmental, we have mold problem but landlord painted over it. I will definately mention this to doctor



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Hi Steph.....I would bet you jog...with a jogging stroller....maybe not....but somehow your son might be exposed to pollution...car exhaust I would guess. Do you frequent the park by the outter drive? This might not be the source but he has post nasal drip brought on by some irritation. This might be the source of his hoarsness.
It might also be a food allergy...milk based would be my guess or yeast. Get a copy of "The Yeast Connection" and if the book seems to make sense based on your son's symptoms.....eliminate the usual suspects or take him to one of the doctors that specialize in these conditions listed in your area in the index. The last possible situation is enviornmental....black mold in your walls...old lead paint.....or a smoker who watches your son...perhaps? Hope these ideas might help. Jack Oswald Chicago

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