4/5 Month Old Naps

Updated on October 01, 2008
J.C. asks from Wesley Chapel, FL
7 answers

How often are other 4/5 month old babies napping? Are most doing the morning, early afternoon and late afternoon naps? I can't seem to get my LO to nap in the late afternoon even though she seems to need it. Suggestions?

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answers from Tampa on

they nap less the older they get. How much sleep do they need only they can tell you. when the baby is cranky put the baby down for a nap if the baby does not go to sleep in 10 mins something else is wrong. Maybe hunger or diaper



answers from Tampa on

Hi J.,
My 4/5 month old does the 3 naps, but his late afternoon nap has gotten a lot shorter. You are doing a great job...just follow her cues. Maybe she would just take a cat nap in a bouncy seat? My son sometimes does that.



answers from Tampa on

Hi J.,

I have a 9month old and a 4 year old and it was completely different situation with them. Girl was rarely sleeping during the day unless in her swing, but the boy (at 4,5 months) was sleeping three times during the day and yes, he had the late afternoon nap,around 6:30,7 but only for half an hour. If you think she needs that nap, try to make a short car trip to store or somewhere else if she sleeps in her car seat. I did that with the girl and it worked for me. Don't worry, it gets easier in abouth two months when they switch to two naps during the day :) Then you get to put them for a night around 8, 8:30.
Good luck and congrats on being a first time mom :)




answers from Tampa on

Take walks in the afetrnoon a jog stroller if you need one otherwise use a regular stroller that reclines. Definately should be gettin 2 naps up til 1 yr old then only afternoon. Moms need those naps! Also try music classical etc something soothing. I used to sing when we walked if my son didnt fall asleep quickly. Something calming and repetitive. Good luck!



answers from Lakeland on

I'd just follow his/her cues. If baby seems cranky in the late afernoon, but won't nap, you could wear her in a sling while you're fixing dinner. She might just need to conk out for a little catnap.



answers from Tampa on

You've got to try Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child by Weisbluth. I have 14 month old twins, and this book saved my life! It has info about how often, when, how much napping is good for different ages of kids. Essential parenting tool!

Good luck,



answers from Punta Gorda on

With both my girls the late afternoon nap was the first to go. I thought that it was closer to 6 or 8 months, but every child is different. As long as they were sleeping through the night I let them give up that nap. It was worth it to me to have them a little bit fussy in the eveniong when dad was home to help and sleep through the night. Good Luck.

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