4 1/2 Year Old Boy New Home Struggling with Bedtime Routine

Updated on February 22, 2011
J.P. asks from Lisle, IL
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Hi Moms,

We recenlly moved. I want to get some ideas on other moms bedroom routines. Where we used to live we had the routine down.. although.we struggled a lot when it was bedtime. Now that we moved I thought this would be the perfect time to find a new routine that better works. Any suggestions. My son is very strong willed. I recently put a T.V in his room. (i know bad idea) my husbands idea....it doesn't seem to be working he stayed up for 3 hrs after i put him to bed!! Sometimes He is just not tired enough to settle down.

Thanks moms!!

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answers from Cleveland on

Yes, a tv in the bedroom is a really bad idea. Studies have shown that kids with tvs in their bedrooms actually get less sleep and poorer quality sleep.

I would suggest that you use the same routine you used at your old house. Repeat it the same way every night. Make it a routine that encourages a "settling down." That means, take a warm bath, have a bedtime story and a cuddle. Make it a really nice time that you spend together.

Another way to encourage sleep is to make sure that he wakes up at the same time every morning. Keep him on a routine so his body will be ready for sleep at bedtime.

Also, eliminate naps, if you haven't already. If he is having trouble sleeping at night, he doesn't need a nap during the day. Try this website for bedtime ideas: http://keystosimpleliving.com/kids_bedtime.php



answers from Honolulu on

Take the tv out.

When is his bedtime?
BEFORE his actual bedtime, like an hour or more prior... start the process. Bath, winding down, making things calm. Verbally cue him that bedtime is coming up etc.
Change into jammies, brush teeth.
If you do the process before the actual bed time, then the child and you, do not have to rush and get all stressed about it.
It will be calmer.
And a kid, has to wind-down first. No horseplay before bed, for example. Make things DARK and calm. Leave on only 1 light.
Nothing loud on.

Next, are you just telling him to go in his room and fall asleep?
If so, then a kid will just not at-will fall asleep. YOU have to go in there, and verbally cue him... "In 10 minutes, go to bed. Close your eyes..." and prompt him.
A kid, needs to be prompted. Cued. They can't all just settle themselves down. At this young age.



answers from Los Angeles on

LOL! Yes bad idea about the T.V. but at least you can admit it =-)

Our routine has been the same since day 1 except that bedtimes have changed and other stuff as my kids have gotten older.

My youngest, who is 4, starts his routine at 7pm. At this time of the year it's already dark and we keep only a couple of lights on. As he starts to settle which is about 7:15-7:20, we head upstairs.
PJ bottoms
Brush Teeth
massage back/shoulders
put on PJ Shirt
read 5 books and the last one we read is always "The Moon in my room". That has been his last book before lights out since he was a baby. Now he reads it to me.
Lay down, cuddle and falls asleep within 2 minutes.
It is now 8:15-8:30

My daughter, who is a few years older, has the same routine but she likes me to draw pictures on her back with my finger. Never fails to soothe her to sleep! Sometimes I read with her but she prefers to read on her own now.



answers from Sacramento on

Is the TV small enough you can remove it at bedtime? If so, definitely do it.

Our routine with our 4 1/2 year old daughter is to read her four short stories, then she "reads" us one, followed by talking about what we want to dream about that night. We take turns and the list items are things like princesses, seeing grandpa on Friday and ice cream cones. We have a lot of fun with the dream talk. Then big kiss and hug and good night.

The whole routine takes about 1/2 hour and she's tired by the end of it all. We also do early bedtime, starting everything at 6:30 so she's asleep by 7 or 7:15.


answers from Houston on

The TV will stimulate his brain...start your bedtime routine earlier if he can't goto sleep. Maybe have dinner at 6, then start bath time. After this, maybe allow 30min of tv if he needs it and then maybe a book. Quiet time... have the lights dim, talk a L. calmer etc...

good luck!

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