3Yr Old Enlarged Tonsils and Breathing Problems Remove Them?

Updated on February 24, 2013
A.S. asks from Orwigsburg, PA
9 answers

since my son is 15 months hes been using a nebulizer for b reathing difficulty. and repeated sinus issues. hes had tubes in his ears and adenoids out last yr. iv been to the drs at least 7 times since sept with colds and breathing problems each time im told his tonsils are terribly enlarged. im just wondering if all his breathing problems could be coming from his tonsils that are so big they are touching each other. and if you thinks its worth while to get them removed.

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answers from New York on

Why didn't they take them out with adenoids. Yes, take them out. Sooner the better for all.

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answers from Chicago on

That sounds like exactly what needs to be done. I'm surprised the doctor hasn't suggested it already.

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answers from Charleston on

My 5 year old son just got his tonsils and adenoids removed last Friday for the exact reasons you are stating. He was restless at night - snoring, apnea, etc... He had difficulty swallowing, and was constantly clearing his throat. His tonsils were so big that the ENT said they were some of the biggest he's seen in a long time, and they had food stuck in them which was probably causing his bad breath odor.

Wondering why they didn't remove your son's tonsils when they did the adenoids?

Yes, it makes a TREMENDOUS difference once those tonsils are gone. My daughter had hers out at age 4 due to constant strep throat and breathing and swallowing issues. They were almost touching. Since then, she has had strep once, and has had no snoring or swallowing issues. Since his surgery last Friday, my son has already commented that, "I can swallow now without it getting stuck!" (sigh)

My advice? Get them out! You and your son will notice a difference immediately.

Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

Sorry if this sounds a little tough, but this seems to be a no-brainer to me. Why would you make this child go through this when removing these huge things in his throat would help him so much? Your question as to whether it's "worth while" to remove them makes no sense to me.

Please help your child and get them removed.


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answers from Norfolk on

That's what we did.
Our son's tonsils swelled up so big they became an obstruction.
They weren't infected - he never had a fever.
But he snored something awful when he slept (poor kid always looked so tired) and he had trouble swallowing and eating.
Our ENT tried a steroid to shrink them but as soon as he finished the steroid series they swelled right back up again.
Right after he turned 4 we had his tonsils and adenoids out.
He took a week to heal up and he was so much better.
He could eat and sleep well and swallow just fine.
Having them out was the best thing we ever did.

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answers from Detroit on

My daughter had the same problem with the breathing difficulty. Especially at night she always seemed to have the most problem breathing. I did have them removed, but she had adnoids and ear tubes done at the exact same time. She never had any problems after the surgery except she threw up once and it was brown which was normal. She did need pain meds of course to help deal with all the pain, but she was fine and only needed the pain meds for three days. Hopefully this helps you! Good luck! Oh and she is three too, but she had hers done when she was two!

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answers from Fargo on

I too, am wondering why your doctor hasn't already suggested it! My friend's daughter just had her tonsils out because they were causing, among other things, sleep apnea.

They are blocking his airway, and that's a big problem.
Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

I thought they didn't take out tonsils anymore...

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answers from Harrisburg on

What are you waiting for? Going to the dr. more than monthly since the fall? We had our daughter's out at 2-1/2. Best thing for her health, breathing, and sleep apnea. Make a call to a pediatric ENT today and change his pediatrician. Why wouldn't s/he be recommending they come out?

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