3Rd Pregnancy and Already Showing????

Updated on August 16, 2011
A.H. asks from Fort Polk, LA
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This is my third pregnancy... and to tell you the truth this is so far the weirdest pregnancy i have had... i thought that i was starting to get sick b4 i knew i was prego... well i am only 5 weeks and 6 days prego... my kids are 2 and 3 ... should i be showing already... because i feel huge and i have only gained one pound? its not twins.. i had to have an early ultrasound because i was cramping alot.. (they thought it was tubal) thank goodness its not and healthy!!

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answers from Detroit on

I think my hormones got worse with each pregnancy. With my 3rd I swear I was showing before I even knew I was pregnant. I had get creative covering my belly because I thought I was just getting fat. I remember thinking "Damn Im bloated!!". Hormones make you look and feel huge.

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answers from Dallas on

Oh yes...your body not only knows what it's doing better, but your muscles are likely not as strong as they once were, so they pooch faster. I was surprised how fast I started outgrowing my clothes. I always out grow fast, though. I also started morning sickness at 4 weeks instead of a few weeks later like I usually do.

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answers from Chicago on

I started showing earlier with each one. I think I was in maternity clothes by 6 weeks with my 3rd. It's normal.

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answers from Kansas City on

twins maybe??? i had twins 8 months ago, my second pregnancy. I was having extreme fatigue and all day sickness by like 4 weeks along. a friend of mine said it was because my body knew what being pregnant felt like so i was having symptoms early, nope it's cause i had two buns in the oven. Could just be because it's your third or you may have more than one baby cooking in there.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I was REALLY bloated with my 3rd. Have you been eating alot of salt?


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answers from Dover on

With each pregnancy you show earlier because your body already knows what to do and where to stretch. Also, we notice every little extra weight on ourselves where others don't notice.

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answers from San Diego on

Yup, I was already having to do the rubber band on the button trick the same week I took the pregnancy test almost. I was in maternity pants and looking quite pregnant long before I ever was with my other 2.
Your body knows what it's doing and has already been stretched out so it kicks in faster.
Congrats on your pregnancy!

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answers from Dallas on

you show sooner with every pregnancy, since your uterus has already been stretched it just goes that way easier every time lol i am in my 4th pregnancy & am 9wks granted i am having twins but i am already wearing maternity clothes & have been for a couple weeks! lol every pregnancy is different so if you don't have anything to worry about i wouldnt! just enjoy as much as you can lol

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answers from Chicago on

I had twins the first time, and when I was pregnant with #3 I started showing immediately. I was petrified at the thought of twins again, but there was only one baby. I was six weeks along and coworkers started asking around if I was pregnant. At 4.5 weeks I had to switch to maternity pants. Since your body is so stretched out, there isn't a whole lot to hold anything in. Congrats to you!



answers from Cleveland on

Totally normal. With my 3rd I felt silly because I was needing maternity pants almost right away, but I barely gained any weight either. In fact, I gained the least amount of weight with him, but my belly got HUGE.

Don't sweat it! This is the one time you don't have to worry about belly bulge! LOL Right now, not so funny :) I call it my mommy badge!

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