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Updated on August 08, 2014
R.S. asks from Cooperstown, NY
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Hi ,

My son will be going to 3rd grade this year. It would be really great if someone could tell me what I need to teach him (or he should know) before starting the 3rd grade . I am not very familiar with the school system here.
I really want to prepare my son well , so that he will not have any problem in the classroom . What is the best 3rd grade workbook ? Are there any other tips that you think will be helpful? Thank you so much for your help.

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answers from Portland on

You don't need to teach him anything. If he's been successful thus far I'd ecpect him to continue being successful. You can review what he learned in 2nd grade. Look thru what he's brought home yo know what that Iis or get a second grade workbook from Barnes snd Noble. Students forget some over the summer. Make the review fun; not serious like doing homework.

Personally, I would not require my child to do school work. As to teaching him I cannot think of anything he needs except confidence in himself and his ability to learn. I would focus on learning new and fun facts not necessarily related to 3rd grade. My grandson has a new interest in cartoons, when they were filmed and which ones he likes and why.

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answers from Washington DC on

i'm assuming he went to 2nd grade, right? did he do okay there?
don't try to overload your little fellow with a bunch of studying here at the tail end of his summer. the best thing anyone can do with their elementary-age kids is make sure there's plenty of reading going on, both independent and parent-reading-to-kids. work math into your daily life, ie discussing (not grilling!) fun math problems such as 'how many cows are standing by that fence? what if there were 3 fields just like that? how many cows would there be?' or 'let's make this recipe but cut it in half. help me figure out how much of everything to use.'
learning should be part of life. but since schoolkids are already placed in an artificial 'learning environment' we've got to be careful not to make them feel as if it's drudgery, and make them long to escape by AVOIDING learning situations.

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answers from New York on

Don't need to teach anything. Just have him read.

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answers from Dallas on

I am a regular substitute for the last 14 yrs in elementary with a lot of 1st and 3rd graders.

We don't push too much work in the summer with the exception of reading. They are no longer learning to read... they are expected to read. They have weekly reading logs that are given out on Monday and turned in on Fridays for a small grade and they are expected to read at least 15 minutes each night.. In reality, that is not much at all. I encourage more.

Our 3rd graders are introduced to cursive writing which is a part of daily warmups and practice. Multiplication charts are introduced as well and there are a lot of practice games and sheets we do with multiplication.

It is 3rd grade when students get the first "real" report card and they are also are required to take the state tests for placement. We do a lot of practice with reading and comprehension and multiple step math problems.

My personal thoughts are that the 2 most critical points are being a good reader and knowing basic concepts of math. Third grade expands from those points and if a student is not good at those, it makes the year harder.

The students will be expanding on research and writing reports. They amaze me at the computer skill they have at this age as far as power point presentations. I love seeing them enjoy that part of class.

FREE tutoring is offered after school once all of the fall placement testing to see where students are in the grade level.

Bottom line, don't overdo anything in the summer but Encourage reading. I wouldn't start workbooks, etc. Let your 3rd grader help you in the grocery and get math lessons that are fun such as pricing and weighing produce, etc.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

In my experience (very limited, 1 child), by third grade, schools expect most kids to be pretty good readers. If there was one thing I'd recommend that you do, it's provide your child with books on a topic that he's interested in, so that he's becoming a fluent reader.

Math curricula vary, but in my district, they have a solid handle on addition and subtraction at the end of 2nd grade, because in 3rd grade they build on that to learn multiplication and division. The math teachers at my school recommended the free website Sumdog.com to practice math skills in a fun way. My son really likes it. But again, this is secondary to reading. IMO, if a child struggles to read, it can affect every subject.

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answers from Austin on

Reading.. This is the year he will not be learning to read, but will actually begin learning from what he reads. Reports will be a part of this.

What is he really into?

Lets say it is planes. Get him a book about planes have him read a chapter, then you ask him questions based on what that chapter spoke about.

Make it fun though.

I used to have our daughter read while I cooked or was driving and then I would ask her questions "What did it say about the cat? did it explain why she did that? It was good because she would either recall on her own, or would be able to go back and find the passage to answer the questions.

This is also a good time to get him a subscription to a magazine. He will look forward to reading it and doing the activities in it.

This is also the year he will learn multiplication.. Look online for some games on different websites that will help make it fun.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

They'll spend the first 2-3 weeks just reviewing what they're supposed to know. If you start drilling him now he'll be totally bored the first month of school.

I suggest you see how it goes.

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answers from Sacramento on

I agree with the others. Reading was a big deal. In third grade, they start doing Accelerated Reader testing at our school. It pretty much sucks the joy out of reading because kids are limited to books in their approved reading range and get tested afterward. Our son was never a big reader (despite our best attempts), but AR testing is what really killed his interest because he knew he'd have to remember the little details for tests (he tested a couple grade levels higher and had to read big chapter books). I would have your son read a book and then start quizzing him, so he's prepared for being evaluated on how well he remembers a book.



answers from Kansas City on

In 3rd grade at our school multiplication was practiced/mastered. You could work on that over the summer to get a head start.

Reading is important in every grade. You could get some reading comprehension workbooks, if you wanted to do workbook pages.

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