3Rd Birthday Party HELP !!!!

Updated on March 04, 2010
V.S. asks from Fairplay, CO
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Sooo....for my daughters 3rd bday we are having a pool party, the pool also for some strange reason includes a bounce castle in the rental...so we have the pool/bounce castle for 2hrs. Then my plan was to come back to the house for food (Kahlua pork and cabbage and rice) and cake. Now my question is do i have to entertain the kids again at the house? What do I put in the goody bags? We are doing a combination cupcake/princess theme. The kids will get to decorate their cupcakes and eat ones I already decorated, the bday cake is going to be big cupcake. And not to mention all my other questions but how do i decorate it? i was just planning on balloons and streamers. I want to get a balloon for each kid. But what colors? i was thinking just BRIGHT colors bright pink, bright teal, fuchsia, yellow? I dont know help! any advice please???

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So What Happened?

Thanks we're going to have pizza and open presents and eat cupcakes at the pool and do the cupcake cake at home, and then have 2-3 kids come over and stay the night. As for goody bags, Im doing swim goggles, cupcakes with toppings in separate little bags, cupcake shaped cookies, princess stickers and a balloon. Way way more simple, but i did order cupcake boxes and cupcake baloons! Im soo excited!! cant wait for march 30th

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answers from Salt Lake City on

You don't need to feed them or entertain them either. The pool and bounce house, cupcakes and party favor to take home are plenty! I would feel like my kid was lucky to be at a party with just that. They are only 3! Not teens.

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answers from St. Louis on

Sounds like you have everything in order!!

I do not think you have to entertain the kids after the pool and bounce house - they will be focusing on eating and then watching your daughter open presents. I would, however, beware of letting wet kids in the bounce house...sounds dangerous!

I like the cupcake/princess theme...why not decorate the the large cupcake like some of the princess decorations (assuming you are buying them) - like pink, a tiara, 'diamonds', glitter, jewelry (not edible).

I think balloons and streamers are a good way to decorate. I would get blue (or green) balloons for boys and pink for girls. Otherwise, you are going to have them fight or complain that they want another color if you have various colors. Or just get various colors and be prepared to hear them want another kind. I suggest tying each balloon to the kids goody bags and in the bags have bubbles, maybe a few pieces of candy, stickers and then they can put their cupcake in there.

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answers from Houston on

I'm guessing the answer is no based on your plan, but is it possible to just eat at the same place you are having the pool and bounce castle? 2 hours at a pool and then additional time at your house seems like a long time for a 3 year old party.

On the balloons any colors are fine. Entertaining them at your house depends on how long they will be there. If just long enough to eat, then no additional entertainment is necessary. If they will be there for a while after eating then maybe some coloring or play doh or something else to do.

My kids went to a pool party years ago and each child received a kickboard as a party favor. I thought that was a great idea of something the kids could actually use!

Good luck,

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answers from Colorado Springs on

You do not need to entertain the kiddos after the pool and bounce house. WOW, you are going all out it sounds like. I would do a pack of multi color ballons and let the child decide what color they want. They are cheap and not every boy wants blue or every girl want pink. Streamers are perfect. I did a pull string pinata and filled with little candy and more toys (party city) and that was the goody bags.

I would do princess decorations on the cake. Wilton makes a cup cake cake pan and it is really cute. I did one for my girls first birthday. I would get a princess crown and put around the top and decorate with fucia and pink.

Sounds fun so enjoy!



answers from Washington DC on

I would have kids/friends at just the pool. You don't need to invite them back to the house. Between swimming and bouncing they are going to be tired and start getting cranky.

Depending on when the pool party is and what time of day, I would probably just order pizza. For the cupcakes, if you want them to decorate their own, I would definitely frost them first, and just let the kids add toppings.

For goody bags, I would do stuff like floaties, a whistle, sunglasses, maybe a water bottle. Check out orientaltrading.com. They have a ton of great stuff.

Remember to keep it simple. Between the pool and the bounce house, there will be a lot going on and focus on kids not getting hurt.

Good luck



answers from Kansas City on

Wow, sounds like a great party, but after 2 hrs of swimming and bouncing not sure how many 3 yr olds will be up for going back to the house for another part of the party, unless that part is more for the parents, which is okay too :)
I agree with the others and recommend perhaps eating at the pool or ordering pizza might be a good idea. The Kahlua pork sounds amazing too, but again, I've found that 3 yr olds can be picky eaters. We did a pool party for my 3 yr old last year and we played a few games at the party like limbo and musical beach ball/towels. For goody bags I think anything beach related is fun, we did little beach pails and filled them up with a few toys and you could do princess fruit snacks, bubbles, sunglasses, little beach balls that you soak up with water even mini beach balls from oriental trading or birthday express may be fun, or I know they carry like little stuffed animal sea creatures like cute fishies or of course anything princess themed, like the tatoos, bracelets, etc. I think the little kids enjoy getting something from the party so we usually do some type of fun goody bag. Dollar stores or the Target dollar isle is great to find these as well.
Bright colors sound great for a pool party and you'd be suprised how many little boys like the bright pinks too :) At our party we did end up doing pizza at the pool and the cake there. The idea of the kids decorating their cupcakes is a great idea, they will love that. Good luck, sounds like you have a great day planned just remember you want to have time to enjoy it with your daughter as well and be able to take party in the celebration. I always have to remind myself of that!



answers from Provo on

For your first question, I would close off the bedrooms and toy room (if you have one) and only bring out a few toys, puzzles, books, etc. Things that the kids can do on their own without making a big mess while you prepare the plates, etc. If the main meeting room is your toy room, put as many toys as possible in another part of the house. They don't need supervised games at the house, just something to keep them busy for a few minutes. Once I just brought out a bunch of balloons for the kids to play with during that time. But there were some kids not at all interested in the balloons who preferred to look through our basket of library books.



answers from San Francisco on

It sounds to me like you have PLENTY! They will be eating and having cake at your house. They will be tired, so don't worry about it.
Instead of goody bags, put something in the balloon for them, like a $2 gift certificate for Baskin Robbins (ice cream), or a cupcake somewhere. Personally, I am not into goody bags.
For cake decorating, go to www.familyfun.com for ideas.
There should be a party store somewhere near that has lots of colors of balloons.
And don't forget something for you for after you pull this one off ;-)



answers from Denver on

WOW sounds like a lot of work (and a great party). If the kids are decorating cupcakes, they should be entertained. How many are you having? I'm such a simpleton... I'd likely order pizza and just do cupcakes (not cake and cupcakes). You can get a cupcake stand/tree and use that for the candles and blowing them out. Then eat them! Your decorations sound good to me. Lots of colorful ballons and some tableclothes.. I'd skip the streamers.... Have fun!

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