3Rd Birthday Party for Lots of Kids

Updated on February 21, 2008
K.C. asks from Frisco, TX
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Any of you Moms have a great idea for a 3rd birthday party for between 30-40 kids for my soon to be 3 yr. old b/g twins? I am thinking about not having it at my house, but we have been to a lot of parties at Little Gym (or similar places) lately and wanted to think of something different. Thanks for your help!

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answers from Dallas on

We had my daughter's 3rd birthday party at our house. It was a combined birthday party for her and one of her best friends. We had a small petting zoo come to our back yard. We made it an "Old MacDonald" theme. It was fabulous. I think we had about 35 kids total. The kids played on our backyard swing set, pet the animals, and played with our other outdoor toys.
Good luck!

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We've been invited to a couple of camping themed parties. One was at a park, the next one is going to be in a back yard. Set up a tent, grill hotdogs, play with frisbees and sidwalk chalk. Hire an entertainer to make balloon animals. If you're at a park, the entertainment is built in.

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I had my son's 5th party at Adventure kids Playcare in Plano. We had alot of kids and parents but it did not feel cramped!!! Plus they clean up the mess and get the party ready. check out there website www.adventurekidsplaycare.com
ps we did his 4th at Wiggly playcenter and they are wonderful to take your kids to play at but not the best place for a party. Anyone can be there that day and kids just ran wild and the place was sooo crowded. You did not know who was with who. But we love to play there at other times.

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Check out our website...www.2minutes2sparkle.com.
Sparkle the Toothfairy does fun birthday parties.

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Hi, K....
I own a birthday planning website www.dallasbirthdays.com that has an extensive list of area party info. It might help you get some ideas. I've never personally had parties at these locations, but you might explore the following...

Wiggly Play Center in Frisco
Animal House Parties in McKinney
Indoor Bounce Party in Prosper

The best parties I've had for my sons have been at home (as challenging and messy as they were). Just remember to keep it simple. Your precious kids aren't going to remember whether it was the best/fanciest...just that they were loved and showered with birthday affection!

Happy Planning! And many blessings to your kiddos on their birthday.

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