3Rd Birthday on Halloween??

Updated on August 31, 2010
J.F. asks from Raeford, NC
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My daughter's birthday is on Halloween, and every year I try to make it separate from the actual holiday because I really don't like it. We usually have her party during the day and go trick or treating at night. I'm thinking about actually having a party this year. Maybe a costume party, but I don't know how I would even get started on donig something like this. Any suggestions??

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answers from Johnson City on

I think having a party before trick or treat sounds fun. A good way to kick off the nite. I would definitely make it a costume party. That way they can go trick or treating straight from the party. Serve healthy, nutritious food since they are gonna get a bunch of candy right afterwards. Maybe have one or two games. They don't have long attention spans at this age so I wouldn't do too much organized activity yet.

However, if you don't like combining, could you just have her party the weekend before or after? Maybe do a fall themed party instead? Do a fall craft, like a leaf collage. Serve cider, maybe bob for apples, bury the kids in the leaves, etc. If you live where it is allowed, you could have a campfire and roast marshmallows and hot dogs.If it's before Halloween you could even carve pumpkins.

GL and have fun with the party! Your DD will have a blast no matter what you do, after all it's a party!!

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answers from Fayetteville on

Hello, My B-day is also on Halloween. Although I will be 35 this year I do remember that my mom always separated my b-day party! Usually the weekend before or after depending when Halloween fell. But she just always separated it, just like if you have a child that was born on Christmas or near Christmas. But I never had a custom party so that would be nice for your daughter if that is what she is wanted! I know every year I wanted a pin`ata! But just always remember yes she was born on a holiday but keep them separate so she can enjoy each them....Have fun!

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answers from Nashville on

just right it on the invitations. that kind of party has so much potential. oh , if you want to keep it differant from halloween let everyone dress up like a prince or princes and then that could be the thyme. then it could double as a costume for halloween. anyway good luck. i wouldn't do a BIG party. she probably won't remember much of it when she is older. have fun with it. keeping it simple is almost always the best out come. R.

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answers from Nashville on

You can decorate in all orange and black and don't have any skulls, witches, etc You can have orange punch, black jelly beans, etc You can have orange icing on cupcakes, etc Have every child dress in their costume for that night and have games that are halloween related. Or, you can have everyone dress in a princess costume and have a pink party! It doesn't have to be orange and black for Halloween but it can be costume of any kind. Halloween is on Sunday this year so you can even do her party on Sat. In following years you can do her party the Sat before or the Sat after. My daughter's in on 26th of Oct and we just do a regular party that she wants and then trick or treat on Halloween.



answers from Memphis on

My nephew's b'day is on the 27th. The year he turned 4 he had a costume party. All the kids just wore their costumes and my sister in law had a halloween craft for them to do. They all loved it. The next 2 years, his party was at a pumpkin patch which was a lot of fun. They all got to pick out pumpkins and make scarecrows.

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