3Mo. Old-flying, Traveling & Cloth Diapering-tips?

Updated on November 11, 2008
E.B. asks from Cold Spring, NY
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We will be taking our(will be) 15week old on his first plane trip. We will have one layover and about eight hours of air travel time total. My husband will be with us so we'll be able to help each other. I'm looking for some tips for soothing our little boy on the airplane, preparing ourselves for the trip and any insights for things I might not anticipate. Also, any tips/packing suggestions on how to bring minimal baby supplies & what is most valued when being away from home? We use cloth diapers but am realizing I may have to use an alternative while away from home. Any chlorine/gel free/biodegradable suggestions?
Thanks ladies!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Seventh Generation Diapers...I get them on Diapers.com. I traveled when my son was the same age and if you're breastfeeding, the most useful thing was a travel pillow by my breast friend. Its inflatable. Also, make sure the baby is sucking on the way up and down. My son was lulled by the humming of the jets ans slept most of the 5 hour flight we were on, your might too. Try and relax as much as possible and he will too. Have a great time.



answers from Los Angeles on

i know target sells ego friendly diapers :) as for traveling with a baby that young i feel that it is best for them to be in their own seat just so you can also have free hands. with the cloth diapers i would suggest maybe using them when you get to your destination and using disposable earth friendly ones durring your flight and lay over. make sure you have something for your baby to suck on when taking off and landing the air pressure can hurt their ears (i gave my daughter tylenol when we boarded and it helped). also have you and your husband board early with the baby so you can get situated before everyone is pushing by you. what i took with my daughter (in lap) when i flew alone from california to washington state when she was 8 months old was this-

1. small diaper bag
2. like 10 diapers (with plastic bags to put them in)
3. 2 cups (empty)
4. a change of clothes (in case an accident happened)
5. small quiet toys (which i didnt need lol she liked the fold down table and the window lol)
6. blanket
7 jarred food and snacks (but your baby is too young for that)
8. can of formula (i bought water after i went through chec in)
9. tylenol and anyother meds that she needed

i hope this helps you a lot! good luck on your trip!!!



answers from Honolulu on

I thought the other suggestions were good. I just wanted to add to make sure you bring a couple of changes of clothes for the baby and a spare top for yourself. You never know when you might get spit-up, pooped or peed on! Also pack some healthy snacks for yourself since they won't have anything but junk on the airplane.



answers from Los Angeles on

A bottle or nursing during takeoff to help his ears. Hopefully the motion will put him to sleep. Bring bags to wrap and dispose of diapers. If you use formula, bring the powder separate from water since airlines are fussy about bringing liquids on board.

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