39Th Birthday

Updated on September 02, 2009
K.S. asks from Davidson, NC
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To all of you GREAT LADIES :)

Does anyone have any "fun" ideas for a 39th. young ladies birthday? Some of our relatives & friends are having a difficult time realizing that soon they will be 40 and are not looking forward to it! If we could make them feel good about their last birthday in their 30's maybe they would look forward to their first one in their 40's. Any suggestions will be appreciated :)

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answers from Raleigh on

My mom called me on my 39th birthday & wished me a happy 40th. After my horror subsided she said, "See, 39 is not so bad."

So, you could either throw a 40th bash, or go the complete opposite route and throw a big "11th annual 29th birthday" party.

There is always the classic "funeral style" party where everyone dresses in black and the whole 9 yards...

Have Fun!

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answers from Raleigh on

For my 30th, my husband gave me a t-shirt that said "29 and holding". I've had it for 19 years now and plan on wearing it as a cover-up for my birthday next year, when I wear a bikini for the first time in decades!

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answers from Nashville on

My aunt had her 60th birthday at the roller rink and it was really fun (we've had several girls' nights there since and it's always a hit). Theme parties seem to make people have a good time no matter what the occasion (everyone could dress like it's their sweet 16 or like a favorite celebrity or choose a decade and go for that...). I would look up positive quotes about turning 40 (I know Oprah probably has some!) and use them to decorate. Hope it turns out great!
M. Conran

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answers from Asheville on

how about boudoir photos?
which, i happen to take. www.rebeccadangelo.com click on client access and type in boudoir.
my other site is www.rebeccadangelophotography.com
i had some made of me when i was 35 and love them.

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answers from Nashville on

We did a "Fab 50's" at a beach house, went out on a boat, fishing, out to dinner, shopping, and just had a great bonding 4 days with the ladies merging into our next phase! It was great, and VERY memorable!!! Good luck and God Bless!

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answers from Nashville on

hey, how about not telling anybody what you have planned and have a little girl party with the tea and all. pin the tail, clothes pin drop in a jar and the works. at this age it is rare to get to act like a kid again. good luck. R.

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answers from Fayetteville on

Why not be silly about it and make it a "29 AGAIN" birthday party? I find the older I get the sillier I get (not that I'm old or anything;}). Have fun with it. Find a Dave and Busters in your area and play games all evening after a nice meal there.
Remember: 40 is the new 30!

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