38 Wks Pregnant...Headache Wont Go Away!!

Updated on August 07, 2009
M.H. asks from Gresham, OR
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So Let me fill you in.... I am 23 and as of tomorrow(8/5) I am 38 weeks preggers. I had an appointment today with the doc and everything is normal. Now me being the space case that I am :) I totally forgot to ask him questions about my headache. I have had one all day that just wont go away. I have noticed some flashy spots sometimes in my vision also. Any ideas? Should I just call him tomorrow anyway? Oh and...anyone out there know a number for an advice nurse affiliated with providence milwaukie hospital? I cant find any info on their website?!

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for the help. I ended up calling the doctor and he just told me to take some tylenol and if it doesnt go away to call again. I did and it helped and I went to sleep, but was awakened by my water breaking at 430am!! So thats why it took so long to get back to you. Its been insane around here with a toddler and a newborn. Thank you ladies again!!!!!!!!!

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eep! just read the other responses and sure hope you have already gotten a medical evaluation!

in a less-scary-for-now (but definitely more obnoxious for the long term) response, it could be a migraine (ongoing headache + flashy lights, two classic symptoms) ... but if you've never had one before, probably the other ladies are more on-target.

the least scary answer I can think of, is that perhaps you need a chiropractic adjustment (the pressure can be caused not just by blood pressure/systemic changes, but by local-source physical pressures of bones on nerves and things like that).

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Call your DOCTOR NOW!!!! spots are not worth playing with. If you can't reach them call Labor and Delivery.


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Did they check your bp?? You should call md on call. tonight if you haven't already Don't wait.



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If you are seeing flashy spots in your vision I highly recommend you see your doctor asap or go to the ER asap. The flashy spots are indicators that you may be going through hypertension(high blood pressure) and preeclampsia(a condition where you could have seizures, and the condition can affect the baby). A headache is also a symptom of preeclampsia. This is nothing to second guess. Please seek medical assistance ASAP and keep us updated. I wish you the best.
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