38 Weeks and Having Trouble Breathing While Asleep

Updated on June 20, 2008
H.L. asks from Royal Oak, MI
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Anyone else have this problem?
For the past week or so, I have been snoring for the 1st time in my life. Its an odd snore, more bursts of loud noise, than the usual noisy in and out. It would wake my husband AND me up several times a night. I did not think much of it and did not mention it at yesterday's Dr appt.

Of course, last night (7 days b/f mt next appointment) it was worse. My husband said he thinks I stopped breathing several times. I would then gasp-making that awful noise. A few times I awoke so out of breath it took 20 minutes for me to breath normal again. I was scared to go back to sleep!
I am calling the Dr today- but would love to know if anyone else had this happen.

Side notes- it does not matter what position I am sleeping in, if my head is elevated or not and my nose is not stuffy. I have now gained about 40 lbs (about 8 in past few weeks with increased water retention)and was already a little overweight when I got pregnant- so I am about 60 lbs heaver than my healthy non-preg weight.

Well last night

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So What Happened?

Thank you so much for the responses! It seems to be a one night thing. I think it was likely where he was positioned. I don't know if the fact that I was feeling very stressed contributed as well? No problems at all the last two nights and my Dr. does not seem worried at this point.

Thanks again!

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It sounds like you may have developed sleep apnea due to your increased weight. Although it may go away once the baby is born, I would still call my doctor and tell them now. With sleep apnea, you actually stop breathing and that is why you wake up. That isn't good for you or the baby. You need your rest because very soon your baby will be the one waking you up all night! Good luck with everything.




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I think this can be common in late pregnancy. It all depends on where the little dear one can be.

Do you have typical allergies anyway? You could look into homeopathic remedies to match your symptoms (more occurs that just the symptom) or even a reflexology / acupressure session as this can be focused on these areas to alleviate the issue a bit. Some therapists can show you the area's and in your case, your partner can assist.

Call your doctor and let them know, also... this is serious if you are not breathing in the night. That could mean a lack of oxygen to your baby...

Good luck!



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That extra weight will do that to you. Ouch! Sorry. It should stop after the baby comes. But, you need your rest. Will your doctor allow a natural sleep aide? I can recommend a great one if you are interested. No sleep hang-overs and you don't have to take it every day!

Good luck.

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It could be the way the baby is positioned, but ask a doctor. I have heard that laying on your left side it best, but you say it doesn't matter the position. If you don't have trouble breathing during the day what about sleeping in a chair so your head isn't just elevated but you are more upright? Also, start walking. Walking helps with the weight, I was also overweight to begin with, but also helps loosen everything up and helped me go into labor, if you are interested in that.



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totally normal :) ask your doctor - dont fret on size of baby I am 5'1" baby #4 was 9 - 2 LOL
try your left side - seemed to work the best with me - careful what you eat thats a bit of weight but hey its your first :) drink lots of fluid it actually helps water retention decrease believe it or not!

the snoring goes away after delivery!!

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