3.5 Year Old Needs a Fun Friendly Dentist to Go To.

Updated on September 19, 2008
D.M. asks from Eden Prairie, MN
6 answers

Hi I need a reccomendation to a dentist for my 3.5 year old son. This would be his first visit and I want to make sure that it is a fun and pleasant expierence. I will check to see if my insurance covers them- but please provide names regardless.
I live in Chanhassen and am willing to drive about 20 mins. Thanks again.

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answers from Minneapolis on

D.M. We really like our family dentist - Dr. Simmons in Apple Valley off of 35E and Cty Road 11. Probably a little far for you to drive.

However, more important than fun, I would highly recommend looking for a dentist that doesn't use mercury filings. The FDA has finally come out and made a statement against mercury filings for pregnant woman. But, personally, I'm really glad that my children have never had this extra exposure to mercury. All of their filings are the white, composite filings. They cost a little more but this prevention is worth way more to me than a few dollars.

Best of luck




answers from Minneapolis on

Chaska Dental, both Dentists are wonderful, Dr Tom Meschke and Dr John Severson, and their Hygenists are exceptional. There office is on Shadow Lane in Chaska ###-###-####.

I not only used to be one of their hygenists, but I'm a patient of theirs, and I take my kids there,( 4yr old and 5 yr old)

Good luck



answers from Minneapolis on

I love Tooth By the Lake on Mainsteet in Hopkins. My son has gone there and had a very good experience. I think when he was 3.5, they gave him a really mellow 1/2 appt, just to get him more comfy and he couldn't wait to go back for more! Now, when I go, he always wants to know when it can be his turn again. They specialize in more natural products, which is another bonus.



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Dentistry for Children and Adolescents is a great place to go. I have been bringing my 5 year old daughter there since she was 3 1/2. The staff is super friendly and they are very calming to kids who are a little nervous. We go to the one in Edina but I know they have several locations in the SW Metro.

Good Luck.



answers from Minneapolis on

You could try a pediatric dentist, my daughter goes to one but it's more than 20min.from your house, they're specialized in kiddos and everything is usually kidsize and kid friendly!



answers from Minneapolis on

I like Dr. Lahr at Park Dental in Bloomington (Hyland Greens, approx. 100/Normandale and 98th St south). My son and I both see him. The office is as kid-friendly as any, I suppose, but they only do kid check-ups on Saturdays so the office is filled with other little ones and the dentists and staff have on their "extra-happy" faces. I mean that I think they put themselves especially in the right mind to be seeing children on that day. We've been going there for over a year, and everyone has been very friendly, the only downside is that I've had trouble scheduling with them occasionally. Good Luck!

I'm a SAHM of a 4 year old boy (as of next week!) and a 13 1/2 month old girl. (We live in West Bloomington -- our kids are the same ages, so if you're ever looking for a playdate...)


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