34, And Recently My Ability to Smell Stuff as Magnified. All I Smell Is Poop

Updated on October 12, 2011
M.J. asks from Minneapolis, MN
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Ok all my life my family called me Bloodhound, Sniffer and other stuff. I could detect faint smells long after the source was gone. My mom loved having me around cause we lived in an old farmhouse with no cats or pets, and we had mice a lot, so she relied on me to tell her when one had been killed in a trap. The thing may still be wriggling in death but I could smell the rot. GOD believe me this is not a feature I wanted or to magnify. NOW its bad, after the birth of my 3rd child it has MAGNIFIED. To the point where i can smell the slightest odor and its mixing together as well. NOT a good combination. Like right this minute I am sitting here typing and I keep smelling poop. Only my cat is around but the kids are not, the house is clean, and there isnt poop that I can find ANYWHERE... its driving crazy. Poop and cheese curd grease, and the smell that electronics give off, and dirty feet UGH is this a real issue? can I get it shut off? is there medications? I dont get sick or a headache but I dont like to smell these things constantly

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So What Happened?

dear lord I hope to high heaven I am not pregnant, its a very real possibility cause I just came off some BC that wasnt agreeing with me but we have been well "careful" I just dont think I could handle #4... I didnt plan the first 3 real well and we only have about 1 1/2 between em. I would cry for weeks if I found that out... too early to tell for that yet but now that you ladies brought that up I am going to worry incessantly. My fingernails will be gone by the end of the week.

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I could have written this! I have three and am pregnant with 4th. I seem to get more and more sensitive to smells. The smell of the dishcloth if it’s not changed daily, the smell of the mud room, someone’s body odor or bad breath and all kinds of other unexplainable smells! My husband never smells anything and thinks I’m crazy most of the time. My 8 year old son is also very sensitive to smells. He’ll say “grandma’s house smells bad” and I know exactly what he’s talking about. LOL

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Are you currently pregnant? When I was pregnant I could be driving past a dumpster and tell you what was in it!

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Check with your doctor. Could you be pregnant? That always magnifies smells for me...

And yeah, bloodhound sounds like an apt nickname. What you describe is exactly how dogs smell. They do not smell "pasta sauce". What they smell is tomato, basil, oregano, salt, sugar, garlic... all of the individual odors that make up the sauce, not JUST the sauce as a whole.

Maybe you could moonlight as a parfumier?

ETA: coffee beans can be used to "clean the palate", so maybe if you open some coffee beans or ground coffee and wave it around it will help eliminate whatever the smells are?

And I also agree that your kitty might have gotten a little something stuck on her, maybe?

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Oh, how I feel sorry for you. Pregnancy magnifies it for me. I can often smell many of the things you are describing, but during pregnancy, I swear my sense of smell is equal to a dog's. I can smell so much stuff that no one else can. And, of course, it's all rotting smells and stuff that makes me puke (when prego).

I have no advice really...just suggest that maybe you get a cold or find something to stuff up your nose!

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I bet you could get a good job with your senses being like that, maybe for a winery or some other type of place where aroma is important.....
You could sit in the backseat of the canine unit of a police car and be the canine, haha.. j/k
9 times out of 10 we begin losing our sense of smell somewhere in the 40's and gets worse from there. By the time you are a G., you will be able to change a poopy diaper without gagging ;)

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My 13 year old son can only smell good smells. He is so lucky. The dog will pass gas and it will be awful. The rest of the family will have to leave the room because the smell is so bad, but my son won't smell a thing, but he can smell all pleasant smells. It's so strange.

I hope you figure out your smell issues! :)


answers from Chicago on

Coud there be a poopy diaper under a sofa, or an old sippy cup of milk somewhere? We had a mysterious poop odor a few months ago and after a few days I finally tracked down the culprit--a VERY old sippy cup of milk that someone put behind the pedestal of the tv.



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I am exactly the same & after each child (3), my sense has gotten stronger & stronger. For me it's not that the actual smells bother me ( I have a strong stomach, not much makes me sick). What bothers me is when I smell something & I'm the only one that smells it & everyone thinks I'm crazy, even tough I've gotten past that, now that I've realized I'm extra sensitive & smell it first. Also, when start smelling something ( like you & the poop) & I can't track the source. I always end up up sniffing it out but sometimes it takes awhile due to getting sidetracked but the whole time I can't take my mind off what could be causing the smell.



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I just bought some bamboo charcoal and it helps to neutralize odors. I've only had it a short time, but it does seem to work. You can "recharge" it by putting it in direct sunlight for a few hours. My husband laughs at me too because my sense of smell is slightly ridiculous too. :) Good luck!



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If you figure out how to turn it off, let me know! I have this issue as well, and I absolutely hate it. Perfume, certain laundry detergent, air fresheners, they are all nightmares for me.

My husband hates it too! There is no fart too small for me to notice, EVER!

It's only gotten worse since I found out I am preggo with baby number 4. I am really dreading the next 7 months.



answers from Houston on

Strange...but after I had a back injury...my sense of smell has become so strong...it annoys me like crazy. It may be that certain medicines can increase your sense of smell. The detergent from my clothes I wear is with me every minute of the day...I used to love the scent of Gain...now I can't stand it. I even dabbed a bit of Vicks Vapor right under my nostrils...works great! Give it a try!



answers from Chattanooga on

i know it makes life hard.. it can be considered scent hallucinations lol i smell weird stuff all the time.. i agree though could it be your kitty? mine sometimes smell like that when poo gets stuff in there fur or they have just went in box.. wonders where i can get that charcoal stuff.. i burn candles here to help

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