32 Weeks and Lot's of Pain Around My Belly Button

Updated on November 25, 2009
M.B. asks from Lonsdale, MN
7 answers

This is my 3rd pregnancy and so far the easiest. Although, late last week, it started to hurt really bad around my belly button. It actually hurts to touch, it hurts when the baby pushes any where near it. Now it's actually bruised on the outside. I went to my ob yesterday and he said it's not that uncommon as it's just part of the muscles thinning out and tearing as my belly stretches. He unfortunately said, there really isn't anything that will help with the pain.
I thought I would ask you mom's if you have any idea's to help.

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This is not to scare you because it really could just be the muscles thinning but my cousin actually had to have surgery on her belly button area after her third pregnancy and had to wear a wrap all of her fourth pregnancy. I would highly recommend starting to where a belly support wrap. She wishes she would have known what could have happened before it did. She still struggles with the area. I think it is called a belly button hernia but not certain I wish I could remember. I do remember having more pain with my second and worry about my third pregnancy now and how my muscles are going to feel in a few months. Hope you feel better soon and congrats on your third.



answers from Rochester on

I would get it checked and make sure it's not actually a hernia. My husband had an umbilical hernia a few years ago (just above his belly button) and it helped to wear a brace/wrap around his stomach. Even if it's just the muscles stretching with your little one, the wrap will help ease the discomfort. *hugs* Good luck!


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The belly support sounds like a great place to start. Start getting the pressure off that area of your stomach so it has a chance to heal if it can. I wonder about a chiropractor or a massage therapist. I've just been thinking about getting a degree in massage therapy and I've been amazed at all the ways they can make you feel better just by touch. I would think since you're pregnant that external sources of relief are your only hope until after you deliver. Best wishes on your new little bundle of joy.



answers from Omaha on

I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my 5th baby and mine is the same way. The fascia that keeps the rectus abdominals together has completely seperated and when the baby is right there pushing on my belly button it is painful. It feels like he's going to stretch right out of my belly. The only solution I found is to lay on my side and change positions to get the baby to move too.

Good luck & congratulations!



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You poor thing! I had that with my second around 30 weeks, and the only thing I found to help was wearing a snug belly band. I got mine at Motherhood as well, I think they're $15-20. It went away as soon as my daughter was born, so just try to hang in there! :)



answers from Rochester on

I had the same thing happen to me around the same time (maybe a little earlier) and what my OB suggested was to try a tummy sleeve or a support belt. Check motherhood maternity for a tummy sleeve. They might carry the support belt too, otherwise Babies R Us probably carries both since they have a good selection for things like that. What that will do is help relieve some of the strain on the muscles supporting the baby. There's not much you can do other than make sure you support those muscles. Those support belts will also take some pressure off with back pain in a few weeks if you aren't already experiencing it now.

Just to let you know too, the pain did subside a few weeks after it started. I didn't go into labor feeling it. Maybe it was that my body got used to it or I just got used to it.



answers from Milwaukee on

I never had this with 4 children and never heard of it from any one else I know. Watch for hernia after baby's born or talk to dr about it.

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