30 Minute Nose Bleed

Updated on May 25, 2013
C.S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
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My 7 year old has had a nose bleed for 30 minutes now. We have ice on her neck, 5 minutes on 3 minutes off and pinching the bridge of her nose. I also just gave her 5 fresh strawberries to give her some vitamin C...I heard vitamin C helps. Any other tricks? I don't want to take her in to have it cauterized, I am afraid for her.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone...it has stopped. I gave her a tall glass of fruit juice (the real kind) and it came to a stop within a minute or two. My uncle told me that trick, but the strawberries weren't doing anything.

As for the ice, I was moving it to different parts of her face/head as much as she could take, but was letting it rest on her neck.

I have never understood exactly where the real pinch goes. My doctor always said at the base of the bone where the nostril begin, but a nurse told me on the bone, then I just read in the link to pinch the nostrils closed. I guess that one is just a matter of what ever works.

Yes, she was starting to panic. That is about the time I disappeared for a MP post.

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Cauterizing is wonderful, mom. Don't be afraid! I promise you that you will be so happy to not have these massive nosebleeds anymore. My son would soak towels. I would take him to the doctor everytime so that he had a medical record of them. He needed help!

Then they sent me to a ped ENT and she put an anesthetic gauze up his nose and sent him into the waiting room to play. 20 minutes or so later, she used a "stick thing" to do it. He didn't feel a thing! The uncomfortable thing was laying there with her doing work in his nose.

It was a godsend.

Fast forward to the resuming of bloody noses several times a day, but not towel-soaking ones. My son was 16 years old by then. I took him to another ped ENT and he told me that several blood vessels were very close to the surface. He cauterized right there on the table. My son was very happy.

He still gets nosebleeds because he is prone to them, but they aren't terrible. I highly recommend talking to the ENT about it - NOT the ped.

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Hi Mom,

If this happens again, here's a great trick I learned from an EMT. Have her take two fingers and push them up hard *under* her upper lip and in front of her two front teeth (that is, inside the mouth), so that she's pushing up on the soft tissue that is just below the nose. This pinches of the major blood supply to the nose and will stop the bleed in a minute or less.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I used to get these all the time in college.

Pinching - I was told/shown by urgent care to pinch at the nostrils, the meaty part, to close off the blood flow & give it a point at which to congeal. Yes, she will need to breathe out of her mouth, & it will suck, but it works better than pinching on the bony part of the nose bridge.

Make sure she is sitting upright... not leaning forward, which will intensify the flow, nor tipping her head back, which will cause it to drain down her throat, which is caustic & can cause stomach upset.

Keep her calm - if she stresses out (more than she is from the nosebleed itself) it raises the blood pressure & makes it harder to stop the flow. Also, nothing with caffeine, which will do the same. (I had to cut it out of my diet for a while because my nosebleeds were so constant)

Once the flow is stopped, wait about 1/2 hour, & then you can GENTLY take a wet paper towel wrapped around your finger & start to loosen the blood crusts in the nose. Only what wants to come out, do not force any of it, or you will break that bonded seal & it will start over again.

I was told in a great majority of cases, cauterization is not necessary. Going to urgent care helps to know that it is not anything more than an annoying nosebleed, & they have a few devices & tricks that can help stop the flow (like a pincher for the nose so you don't have to hold onto it yourself)

FWIW - I've never heard of Vitamin C stopping it, esp. during the actual episode. I'm also not sure about the placement of an ice-pack, esp if it doesn't seem to be doing much to staunch the flow...


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answers from Columbus on

My son gets terrible nose bleeds and I've learned how to deal with them. I have him gently blow his nose to get the clots out; this sounds like the exact opposite thing you should do but trust me, I've done enough research - it works. Then I just have him sit up with his head slightly tilted forward and let it drain out onto a handful of tissues. It stops within a few minutes.

Good luck!!

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answers from Augusta on

I used to get really long nosebleeds as a kid.
Some tricks I did to get them to stop.
ice on the roof of the mouth, ice on the bridge of the nose, head down not back or blood goes down the throat and can make her sick.
pinch the bridge of the nose while holding the ice on one side.

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answers from Dallas on

It is probably okay, mamma. I am forwarding you a link to read about this by an MD. Likely, she is fine. There are counterintuitive tips that I would not have thought of to help you ,so be sure to try these. Take care.. :-)


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answers from Los Angeles on

I have had nose bleeds all my life. One of my sons has had a problem with nose bleeds.

This solution is at least 100 years old. My grandma used to use it. It works.

Take a piece of toilet paper or Kleenex and make a strip about a inch to inch and half wide and roll it up about as big in diameter as a pencil (the yellow school kind). Place it under the upper lip. The nose bleed will stop in a 3 or 4 minutes.

My son called me when his nose bleed was an hour long. His wife was freaking out. I reminded him of the roll under the upper lip. He said he forgot. He did it and called me back in a few minutes. He said his nose bleed stopped.

I've told this to friends and they are amazed at how quickly this works. I don't know why this works. It just does.

Good luck to you and yours.

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