3 Yr Old with High Monocytes and Low WBC Counts!! ANYBODY PLEASE!!

Updated on August 23, 2010
S.O. asks from Lansing, MI
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Hello all,
I took my daughter in to the doc a few weeks ago for excessive thirst and urination, the ped ignored it so I took her to my doc who ordered blood work. they said it came back with her monocytes at 13 and the range is something like 6-11, and her white blood cell count is at 5.8, and the range is 6-15. The docs are not as worried as I am. Just last year she was hospitalized with sub acute bacterial endocarditis, she alsmost died, and it was me, not her ped who caught it! I just need to know what I should do or if anyone here is a nurse! The ped is angry that I got blood work, I just need her treated and with my insurance can go anywhere. My little Ava catches everything and seems to always be sick...

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answers from Norfolk on

Another doctor might be a better match for you. Are you seeing a pediatric cardiologist? Although 2 points over the normal range doesn't sound very high and a 0.2 difference from the low end of the WBC doesn't sound very low. If she has heart trouble, she needs to be seeing a specialist who can best monitor her condition.

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answers from Boston on

What do you call the medical student who graduated dead last in his class?


Find another one.

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answers from Houston on

You most definitely need to get another pediatrician, and write a negative review on the one you have online so others can know to stay way. Many Dr.'s don't take borderline tests as seriously. It's the test (also usually done in series to make sure the results are conclusive) along with ranges of symptoms they check, so I would start documenting everything to see if there is a pattern that maybe you all can pick up on.

If I were going to throw something out there for you to investigate, a place to start from anyhow, I would look at maybe mild neutropenia, due to the bacterial infection history and her low immune system and blood ranges.

I found this in which the blood labs are similar and then looked up the neutropenic from what I know about it's immune system problems. It can also cause burning sensation while peeing, which could result in the frequent urination if she is going in little spurts, but has a full bladder b/c she has to pee, and it can cause sore throats, which could lead to frequent thirst, trying to comfort the throat... but I am no Dr. of course, just speculating! My father had Leukemia my entire life and so many times the only way he lived was because he did research and had to fight for care when the Dr.s didn't always investigate or see symptoms. He also learned how to interpret his bloodwork, so while what DanaW said about going online and getting worried over things that you may be jumping to conclusions is most definitely true, you can do some research and bring it to a Dr. and have everything explained to you. If or once you receive a diagnosis, stay on top of everything, just like you have been!



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answers from Pittsburgh on

If it were me I would absolutely switch doctors. Could be, and probably is, nothing but I hate that your doc was mad you got tests. Not a good sign-and neither is the fact that he missed a life threatening problem! Ask everyone you know for a referral plus research it online and fine another ped. If she is always catching everything then you need a doc you like and trust.

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answers from Atlanta on

I agree! Find you another Pediatrician sounds as if they aren't doing their job in the first place and sounds like they have a problem with you getting a second opinion and more than likely it would be YOU to save your daughter not them. You need someone there to be able to diagnose your daughter correctly and it doesn't sound as if your current ped hasn't been doing such a grand job......please do yourself the favor and your daughter and find a new one!
You mentioned your daughter gets sick all the time have you thought about taking her to a specialist that specializes in immunity disorders? My dad goes to one because he has RA and now has to see an immune doctor too because the disease has attacked his immune system. He will catch EVERYTHING and when his count is low the doctor doesn't even want him to peel a peice of fruit because it could certainly cost him his life!

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answers from Kansas City on

Oh no way would I keep that pediatrician if they feel territorial. Those people are just people. They are educated and smart. But have you ever considered the huge volumes of medical data that they are expected to just have in their head? Diagnostics is a very tricky thing and I am glad they have been making shows on television to show just how tricky it is. We all need to take our own health and the health of our children in our own hands and do what it takes. From our own reading to going to the right specialist to googling, it's our job to make sure our children are treated. You are doing the right thing.

I don't know anything about what the numbers may mean. But if I were you I'd find a new ped right away. Bacterial endocarditis...don't know what it is. What specialist did you see for it?

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answers from Boston on

I would be looking for a new pediatrician! I have never had our ped ignore anything I was concerned with. I questioned diabetes w/ my oldest and my doctor assured me that his frequent thirst and urination was a side effect from one of his meds but ordered testing anyways just to make sure because why take an unnecessary risk. Talk to some other moms in your area and see who they have to recommend.

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answers from Seattle on

Any doctor who is upset for you getting a second opinion should just quit his profession... go get a new pediatrician and keep on top of your daughter's health until you are satisfied with an explanation or diagnosis.
That said, with borderline results like what you mention (just outside the "normal" range) it would be common practice to not get all flustered, but retest after a period of time.
Good luck!

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answers from Austin on

Before age 4, my son was similar with getting sick very often(once a week). The pediatricians didn't seem to think it was important- and missed finding a hole in his heart! Since surgery at age 4, my son has been much healthier, getting sick less than once a month, and recovering much faster.
I hope you find a better pediatrician that can figure out if somethings wrong.

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answers from Chicago on

I agree with the others. You need to find a new pediatrician. That is appalling. You have every right to be concerned especially after what happened last year. Take her and her blood work results to a new pediatrician right away. You have to be your child's advocate.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Excessive thirst and Excessive urination?? Did they test her for diabetes? I think you need a new pediatrician. Are there many to choose from in your area?

What were her symptoms when she had endocarditis? Does she have underlying heart disease? Did the infection damage her heart in any way?
That could be unrelated and just a scary/unfortunate illness. Kids do get crazy illnesses but almost always come out ok.

Her bloodwork was very borderline. Do you suspect she has some sort of immune system problem? I would ask your ped to give you a referral to a specialist. Does she have a pediatric cardiologist that she sees due to her endocarditis? Maybe just make an appt with him/her and discuss your concerns.

I hope you get answers soon, there is nothing worse than worrying about our kids!

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answers from Indianapolis on


I remember corresponding with you about this through your last post, and I'm really sorry you haven't received any information.

I do think it's time to escalate it past your pediatrician. See if there's another one you can find, get copies of her medical records, and ask for a referral to an Infectious Disease specialist if possible.

I know less about monocytes. When I was diagnosed with lymphoma after my daughter's birth, I tried to interpret my own CBC, and it drove me crazy. Resist the temptation to get on the internet and conduct your own research. Even with my degree in Biology, I didn't fully understand what was going on. In my case, most cancer patients have extremely high WBC, mine was completely normal. So, don't read too much into the CBC results until you're able to have a conversation with another physician and get a different opinion.

Unfortunately, it may take multiple visits to multiple doctors to finally get to the bottom of things. For me, it was several before my biopsy came back with the proper diagnosis.

Good luck! Please keep us posted.

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answers from Detroit on

Does she get fresh fruits and vegetables in her daily diet? Do you have her on any vitamins? This may sound simple, but really giving her body a good amount of nutrition will help with her immune system and having a balanced diet, with iron, will help her with her blood.

A mother knows her child better than anyone. Good for you for standing up to the doctors!



answers from Grand Rapids on

Great responses but wanted to say that trust your intuition, everytime I have with my kids it has been right. Find a new pediatrician, talk to other moms in you area and interview the doctor. You did the right thing and no doctor should ever be upset by you getting a second opinion, My family Dr got upset with me when I wanted a referrel for me to go to a specialist. He is no longer my Doctor! Keep on it and let the Doctor that did the blood work know about her history sometimes they need reminders about the history!
Good luck and prayers for you and your daughter



answers from Detroit on

Hi S.---It is so hard to know exactly what to do, mostly because I think that there is no one answer that will fit every person. By that I mean, these blood count numbers are what is usual and typical, but it doesn't necessarily mean that your daughter is having health problems because they are slightly out of range. Several years ago I discovered that I run a low white blood count. But I don't get sick. We watched the numbers over a couple of years, and my doc, at the time, actually had me go to a hematologist for tests. We got to the point where next steps would be to do a bone marrow biopsy, but because all previous tests were normal, we didn't go there as that is a very invasive and painful test. Bottom line, a low white blood count is normal for me. SIDE NOTE: be very careful running lots of tests that might be unnecessary. The note that a possible biopsy was noted in my medical records made my ineligible for health insurance 3 years ago. Tests can be great. Most are unnecessary, costly and a future problem waiting to happen.

So try to relax about the bloodwork for now. You didn't mention, is she still having problems with excessive thirst and urination?

I think I offered some thoughts on your first post, and I'd like to share again that I am able to offer you suggestions on how to strengthen your daughter's immune system. Please give me a call, I can tell you what I've learned in my work with top docs and naturopaths. I know I can help, no strings attached. I just hate to hear of your worry, and of your little one getting sick all of the time. It doesn't have to be that way.

BTW---your doctor works for you. Yes, he is more knowledgeable about many things, but he/she doesn't know everything, and he really doesn't know what he doesn't know. It sounds like it's time to find a new pediatrician. Good luck. Please call. D. ###-###-####



answers from Lansing on

I don't have any experience with blood counts and all of that, but I will tell you that mothers intuition is STRONG! Do not give up if you feel something is wrong with your child and get a different pediatrician. Find one that listens to your concerns! Good luck and I hope everything turns out for your little girl!



answers from Jackson on

I hope you can get an appointment with a Pediatric Cardiologist and a new Pediatrician.



answers from Detroit on

I know how u feel. It sounds like u have a beaumont dr.. I would switch to a new ped. Try contacting a ped from u of m ann arbor or detroit childrens. also i would call a cardiologist and set up an appt to double check. Your mothers instinct is best and dont doubt it. good luck and I hope she is ok.



answers from Detroit on

U need to find a new pediatrician that cares he should not be upset you went to a different dr for an opinion if so get her chart from that office and find a new one. If you didn't live in lansing i have an excellent one theres two i know of there actually might be an office for one by you but not sure. Wayne State physicians they have awesoem dr.s in there too.

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