3 Yr. Old Snoring After Adenoidectomy and Ear Tubes

Updated on November 10, 2008
Y.L. asks from Austin, TX
7 answers

My 3 yr. old just had an adenoidectomy and ear tubes put in. The surgery went well. But when he's laying down, he breathes heavier than normal and snores when he sleeps. He's never snored before the surgery. At first, I thought it was because he was extremely tired but now I'm getting a little worried. I'm going to follow-up on Monday with his doctor but wanted to see if anyone has experienced this before. I tried looking on the internet but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your responses. I'm now at ease.

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answers from Abilene on

My son had his adenoids and tonsils out in June and he snored quite a bit until the swelling went down, about 3 days post-surgery.

You might try propping him up on pillows when he sleeps and see if that will help him in the mean time. Definitely check with the doc though.

Best of Luck and I hope your little guy feels better soon. Mine recovered quicker from his surgery than the illnesses that led up to it! Hope you situation goes that well!



answers from Dallas on

It can take SEVERAL days for swelling to go down...

A. J



answers from Dallas on

Hi Y.!!

My daughter just recently had her adenoids removed along with her tonsils because they both were enlarged and caused snoring (mainly the tonsils) and continuous sinus infections (mainly her adenoids.) You may consider having your son have an xray to see if his tonsils are enlarged. If they are, I know he just had one surgery, but unfortunately he may have to have his tonsils removed also.
Hopefully this helps!! Good Luck!!



answers from Houston on

My son did the same thing and we had to take his tonsils out. He is much better now and there is no more snoring.



answers from Dallas on

At first they are very stuffy because of the healing process that needs to happen in the nose. While they may sound very congestioned, do not try to clear out their nose. The scabs need time to heal the wound. You could cause a large mount of blood lose if you try to clear it out.



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This is completely normal. My 3 yr. old had his adenoids removed and tubes put in when he was 18 mos. old and he has snored ever since...they told us that this may happen and not to worry. HTH.



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my 7 year old had 4 different procedures; he had tubes twice, adnoids out then tonsils. He still snores. He takes allergy meds which help but if he is the slightest bit congested, he snores like a grown man. :-)

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