3 Yr Old (Girl) Bday Party Ideas

Updated on January 20, 2011
L.P. asks from Richmond, TX
8 answers

My daughter is turning 3, what did you do for your 3 year old's bday party. We recently moved so she doesn't have many friends in her new day care!

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answers from Houston on

My daughter had her 3rd birthday two weeks ago.

We went to Wonderwild on Shepherd. www.gowonderwild.com

We did the ultimate birthday package and had the music man.

We invited all of the kids from her class. It was very fun.

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answers from Houston on

I don't do parties for my kids yet that involve inviting friends over. But, I am a child entertainer (princess/clown/barbie...) and have done several 3 year old parties.

Usually, anything they can play and dress up is fun. Just keep it short and simple and provide a little activity. I would maybe invite a few children over that she likes in her day care if you want to do a party. If not, then do what we do, make her her favorite meal, eat cake, play a game as a family, blow up balloons and open gifts, or take her to the zoo or the movie or somewhere fun, just for her.



answers from Houston on

What a great way to make friends at daycare. I have 2 daughters, 4yrs and 21 months. For their bdays, I will buy cupcakes, balloons and some age appropriate party favors for their friends and maybe one gift for your daughter to open. Save the rest of her presents for when she returns home. All kids love birthday parties. And since you just moved, you could save a little money this way. Daycare was even nice enough the take pictures for me for their photo album. The beauty of this plan is Daycare will set it up and clean it up. Your daughter enjoys her birthday with her new friends.
PS... on a side note, don't stress yourself out, 3 year olds will not remember the birthdays from the early years, they are just looking forward to the next birthday party,it doesn't matter whose party it is. Honestly, do you remember your 3rd b-bay..... Good luck and hope this helps.



answers from Honolulu on

At 3 years old, we didn't even have a 'party' for my son.
Many of my friends, as well,..... until their kids were older.
We just had a nice dinner at home, decorated with balloons and put his presents out or made it like a treasure hunt, got a cake and he was happy.



answers from Los Angeles on

my daughters third bday was wow wow wubbzy themed. this year for her 4th bday we will be doing a fancy nancy themed party :)



answers from Columbus on

We did a "glam bday". We made a cake shaped like a nail polish bottle and them went to dollar store and got boas (those feather things) for the girls and black platic fedora hats for the boys and then a bag of cheapie glitter glasses. the kids had a blast dancing around and being silly.



answers from Boston on

I think we just had a party. Kids came, they ate cake and played with toys. Oh, we did do a scavenger hunt - each kid got a small bag and went around collecting mini-rubber ducks. That was fun. But they mostly just wanted to play, which was fine by me! Keep it small and low key and everyone will have a good time.



answers from Salt Lake City on

We did a princess party several months ago. We were moving her into a new room to prep for a new baby in the room across from ours so we made a big deal about it being her Princess/ Big girl room and just went from there. She got to wear a princess dress, we colored frogs (it was going to be pin the frog on the princess, but that didn't happen) I bought some little wood jewelry boxes from Michaels for $1 each and they decorated them with paint and plastic gems. I was trying to cover both boys and girls of a variety of ages.

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