3 Yr Old Floating the Comal?

Updated on June 21, 2009
H.D. asks from Keller, TX
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I am going on a short weekend vacation with my parents the middle of July. They want to float the river and I am having my reservations about it. Can a 3 yr old float the Comal River? Not only am I scared of floating the river with him but he is very fair skinned and I am so worried about keeping him from getting burnt. It's hard to reapply sunscreen while floating down a river. When I voiced my concerns with them they just thought I was being overprotective but it's been a long time since they've had kids. I just want to add that I will a couple weeks away from my 2nd trimester at that time. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas? What would you do?

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So What Happened?

I told my mom and dad that I think my son is still too little so we'll try next year. I'm going to go with my gut and not attempt it this year.

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I am reluctant to let my five year old go on an upcoming rafting trip. If you decide to take him, get him a hat with a wide brim and get the sunscreen stick so you can easily reapply the sunscreen on his face and arms, etc. You could also look into getting him one of the shirts with the sun protection built in. Regular white t-shirts offer very little sun protection, especially when wet. Contact the local rafting services and see if there is a drop off point partway through the trip. You could let the others do the major portion, then join them for the last leg of the trip. Like you, I would be a little nervous for the safety factor and the sun exposure.

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Most of it is very calm but there are some places with undertows. My mom got caught under the water in one place a few years ago at the age of 50. She is not a good swimmer and it scared her and the rest of us.
Do you know how he likes wearing a life jacket? It might be very uncomfortable for him to be inside a lifejacket in a tube for several hours with really nothing to do. Some kids hate wearing life jackets, so it might not be worth all the fuss over it for you to even go.
If you decide to go, make sure he is in one of those life jackets where you turn face up if you fall in the water. Many lifejackets just keep you afloat, but do not keep the face above water.

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We took our boys on the calm part of the Brazos in Cleburne a couple of years ago in a canoe. They were 9 and 3 at the time. It was a fun day, but the 3 year old got a bit bored. In a canoe on a slow river, there was plenty time to re-apply sunscreen and get out and swim from time to time. Last year we took our oldest, 10 at the time, on the Comal in a raft. It was great, but we left the 4 year old home. It was a good decision. We just decided not to bring him until he can swim well, and until he would enjoy being on the river for 4 or 5 hours. Right now, at 5, he can swim, but not well enough for rapids (they require kids to wear life jackets anyway, and I think he would get sick of wearing it), and my little one isn't ready to spend that long on a river. Those are just some things to think about. Good luck with your decision, and congratulations on #2!

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Hey H.,

We go to the Comel twice a year for family gatherings/reunions. We werent able to make last year but will be going the 3rd weekend of July. My daughter is 5 and will be 6 shortly after so she was just turning for the lst time that we went.

She still can not swim and well and at the time she couldn't at all but had a blast!!! I have been going down the river myself since I was two and I am 25 now. No if you start at the beginning of the Public entrance depending on the current the river ride can be about 2-3 hours. So bring sunscreen and a hat and glasses if you want but you know he will take them off.

Buy a life jacket or built in jacket swimsuit. He will be fine. Avoid the whirlpool entrace at the begining and then the waterfall drop. You will be fine the next hour and then there will be a shoot and avoid that. You can walk on the sides to avoid the things.

We took my daughter down the first entrance with the whirlpool and were fine but I am completely use to it so I know how to avoid it but still manage to go down the shoot.

There are lifeguards by the front entrance so if you do go down it you will be fine. I say have fun you will be fine!



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