3 y.o. With Stomach Flu

Updated on March 13, 2013
L.G. asks from Cheyenne, WY
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Hi there,
My 3 y.o. son has been very sick with what appears to be stomach flu since yesterday afternoon, therefore almost 24 hours. He's been vomiting ever since and is not able to keep any liquid down. I talked to a nurse last night and she suggested the pedialyte and giving him just plain food such as toasting bread, crackers, rice etc. The problem is he has not eaten since yesterday at lunch time and does not want to touch food at all. Whatever liquid he puts in the mouth will be vomited 15-20 minutes later and we're really concerned he'll get dehydrated. He's also running a fever of about 100.5 F. We'll see a doctor in couple of hours but just wonder wether any of you have any advices or suggestions on how to relieve his pain and discomfort. Thanks.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Best advice for stomach bug a doc gave me....DO NOT give them anything cold, it shocks the gut while it's "turned inside out" from the bug. DO NOT give them Sprite or 7-up, or ginger ale, no carbonation. Take pedialyte or gatorade, LET IT COME TO ROOM TEMP, NOT COLD give them 1 tablespoon of drink of this, if that stays down then in 45 mins give another tablespoon. If that stays down 45 mins later go up to 2 T., if that stays down 45 mins give another 2 T. Do this for a few hours and once it seems ok, can move to a few ounces at a time, but still keep it about 45 mins apart.

DO NOT give them anything to eat until they have kept this down for a number of hours. Him not eating isn't going to hurt anything. When his gut is ready for food, his gut will let him know. Main goal right now is to get the gut to calm down.

The key to this is to not do a cold drink and to only give a tablespoon at a time. We have done this every time they've had a bug and it works great. Remember though, sometimes it can take 24-36 hours for the bug to run it's course. Goodluck....

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answers from Washington DC on

My daughter went through the same thing last week. The nurse told me to keep her hydrated by giving her smaller amounts of drink, more often.
So instead of giving her 8oz of water or juice and having her drink it down, give her 4oz at a time, with a straw and have her sip at it. Keep refilling as needed.

That did the trick for her. Her tummy troubles lasted less than 10 hours.

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answers from Phoenix on

If he's vomiting plain water, then dehydration is a valid concern. Since you see the doctor later today, I would just keep pushing fluids, water or pedialyte, and forgo food for now.

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answers from Dallas on

He'll eat when his stomach recovers.

As for liquid, let him have a popsicle, ice chips, tablespoon of jello (liquid or gelled) or something like that and don't push much food or liquid at all in the beginning. EASE back into the routine.

He'll catch up with the calories he needs when he is well.

I know thie virus takes a lot out of you. My very healthy 18 yr old had it a couple weeks ago and it knocked her on her a$$ for about 30 hrs then she was sore for a couple of days from all the vomiting. At least she had a sense of humor... she said her abs were getting a great workout!

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answers from Phoenix on

How much liquid are you giving him at one time? If you're giving him a cup of it, that's probably why he's vomiting. He can sip here & there, but no loading up on liquid all at once.

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