3 Year Old Throwing up (Flu??)

Updated on June 30, 2011
M.P. asks from Rio Rancho, NM
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My 3 year old came home from daycare yesterday with an upset stomach and threw up on the way home. When I was cleaning her (and my car) up I noticed that it was just strawberries. Daycare said she had strawberries for breakfast and ate a corn dog for lunch. The only other thing that she threw up was lots of mucos. She went straight to bed then at 8 she had some pedialyte and threw up again at 8:30 which looked like more mucos and the pedialyte. She drank little bits of water and pedialyte all night and didn't get sick again. At 1:00 I checked her temp and she was at 101.6 so I gave her some motrin. She had some diareha this morning but no vomiting. This morning she is acting like herself and not running a fever. She had some applesauce and 1/2 of a apple toaster struddle about an hour ago and hasnt got sick yet. Could she just have eaten something bad or could she have the flu?? I thought that the flu season was over. She had the beginnings of a cold this weekend but nothing serious just a runny nose and slight cough. Her nose seems to be running more and she is still coughing. Is there anything that I can give her? She will be 4 in Aug. I have to take her to daycare tomorrow as I can't take off work so anything to help her get better would be great. We are trying to stick to the brat diet today.

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your responses. We have watched her all day and she didn't have any more diareha or vomitting. She is hungry and has been eating and keeping everything down. I am thinking that she ate a bad strawberry and that is what it was. I am going to keep an eye on her tonight and hopefully we dont have more vomiting. Thanks again ladies.

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My 4 yr old has the snots and no appetite as we speak. No fever or green s'not so im thinking a cold. Kids can get sick anytime of the yr. Sounded like a little bug to me. Hope she feels better!

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I would say stomach bug, I've heard alot of people saying their kids have had the same thing recently. There really doesn't seem to be any "season" for stomach bugs, it seems to go around all the time. It seems to be a very mild case and only lasting 12-24 hrs. Keep her diet simple today and she'll probably be good to go tomorrow.

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When my youngest dd would get a cold when she was younger, she would sometimes throw up from the sinus drainage going to her stomach. Sometimes she would just throw up mucous once then nothing after that. Sometimes it would be more. She was too young to understand that she needed to spit the drainage out.


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Although it's often called stomach flu, digestive irritations are not flu at all.
Could be rota virus or some other stomach bug (hopefully a quick to be over and done one).
Since strawberries were involved, I might suspect an allergy might be developing, but the fever points to some sort of infection.
Sometimes stomachs can be upset by the nose dripping excess mucus down into them.



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Last summer the stomach bug went around our family while we were on vacation in June. It can hit at any time.


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I agree it could be the rota virus . she can get severly dehydrated and so I would watch it very close and make arrangements to not go to work. It can last up to 5 days



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sounds like the flu to me. my doc said in late spring this is the kind of flu that goes around. it ran thru us a couple of months ago. just give her fluids and pedialyte. it doesn't last long.



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Just to let you know. My hubby had flu like symptoms last weekend. I think their may be a strand of 24 hour flu going around since I was also feeling sick last weekend.

Glad she is feeling better....

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