3 Year Old Terrible Cough

Updated on June 06, 2010
S.H. asks from Rowlett, TX
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I took my 3 yo daughter to her pediatrician on Thursday because she had a fever and cough. He said she had a sinus infection and prescribed amoxicillin. She has had coughs before and she has a nebulizer and albuterol treatments but no history of asthma. Her coughing has gotten much worse and i spoke with her pediatric nurse on Friday who said to keep giving her the breathing treatments because they did not like to give OTC to children that age. She is in good spirits and no fever and playing but just coughing and coughing- I have tried to show her how to spit out whatever she coughs up but that has not been that successful. Any other ideas of what I can do to help her? I appreciate any ideas anyone may have.

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answers from Dallas on

Keep giving the breathing treatments. If she redevelopes the fever or starts acting sick take her back to the doctor. Children don't spit it out at her age, they swallow it and the stomach takes care of it. Don't stress her out. Lots of fluids! I used to buy random new cups and when the kids needed extra fluids I brought out the new cups/staws and they drank like crazy! I would have the doctor clarify her diagnosis of no history of asthma. If she is wheezing and needing breathing treatments you have to assume asthma. My son son only has it with colds.
Good Luck, B.

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answers from Honolulu on

If she gets a fever again... take her back to the Doctor.

head colds, can cause chest infections/problems... because the mucous from post-nasal drip goes down the throat and can enter the lungs. That happened to me before... .and it developed into Bronchitis and then Pneumonia.

I have asthma.

The inhalers/nebulizer... will help with breathing and reducing the constriction/inflammation of the bronchial tubes. So this is important.
BUT bear in mind, that these inhalers do not lessen mucous... it helps the airways and breathing. That is the purpose of it. It is not an 'expectorant' nor a mucous reducer.

Coughing originates from 2 sources:
1) the post-nasal drip.... because as it drips down the throat, it irritates the throat and causes 'coughing.' Triggering the coughing reflex.
2) the chest.... when there is a chest cold/infection and congestion.

Kids this age, do not know how to 'spit' out mucous. Nor successfully.

Is her sinus infection gone?
Sinus infections can take time to go away, completely.

If she is getting worse... you take her back to the Doctor or ER. And certainly is she gets a fever, again... or other symptoms.

Did they listen to her chest?

Give her water to loosen the mucous. Do NOT give orange juice because this creates mucous.

all the best,

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answers from Ocala on

Using the honey is great for the cough.

In our ENTIRE FAMILY when someone is sick and coughing due to the mucas. An adult will get behind the person/child and slightly cup their hand and pat the back of the person coughing ( firm but still nice and easy ). Patting in a circular patteren so that you can help loosen up the mucas.
Don't do it with your hand flat or you will hurt the person by slapping them in the back.

You can also try sitting in the bathroom near the shower and turn on the shower all the way hot and let it run until the hot water is gone. It will steam up the bathroom and it will help loosen up the mucas. Make sure the bathroom door is closed and that you put a towel at the bottom of the door.

Keep the nebulizer ready at all times.

If she gets the fever back put vicks on the bottom of her feet and put socks on her. It will help her sleep all night. The vicks draws the fever out.

I hope your little one feels better soon.
God bless.



answers from Dallas on

Depending on the type of insurance you have I would highly recommend taking your daughter to a pulmonary specialist. A good friend of mine has a daughter with a horrible cough who was receiving the exact same medications as you mentioned your daughter is receiving. She kept taking her daughter to the doctor with no improvements and the doctor said to just continue with the breathing treatments. This week she took her daughter to a pulmonary specialist and was immediately sent for xrays and found that she has pneumonia and needed completely different medications. Even if it is something different that your daughter is experiencing, the pulmonary specialist will be able to determine better what your daughter is going through than her pediatrician.

I also wanted to mention that pneumonia cannot always be heard by the doctors. My daughter recently got out of the hospital for 2 weeks for pneumonia after we had repeatedly taken her to the pediatrician and even the day before we took her to the ER he said she sounded fine...she had severe pneumonia and had to have surgery so I would just keep a close eye on any breathing issues and highly recommend the specialist.



answers from Dallas on

Try using a nasal wash. My son has severe allergies and was getting fevers nearly every three weeks as a result of sinus infections. Since using the saline wash, he hardly ever gets sinus infections and has had one or two fevers only (in months). It takes some getting use to but you and your child will get used to it. We use the NeilMed Pedriatric wash rather than the Neti-pot as our Allergist recommended this. The pedriatric one is only available online where I live.

Unfortunately, the cough will not get resolved by this but the wash should help ease it somewhat.



answers from Dallas on

This will sound crazy, but more than one doctor has told me to put Vicks vapo rub on the bottom of your feet for a cough. It works-try it. You can put socks on if you want because of the sheets. This may not always work depending on the reason for the cough but try it-it may help her. Also a teaspoon of honey is a good natural cough medicine. Also milk and orange juice cause flegm and mucus, so eliminate it for a few days.



answers from Dallas on

Take her off ALL DAIRY products. They are famous for causing mucous!!!


answers from Redding on

Have you tried using a warm air vaporizer to help break up the phlegm? It sure helps me and my 1 year old daughter. I would even try using it in the room she's in while awake not just at night. We really like the Vick's warm air vaporizer, it's inexpensive and works great!



answers from Kansas City on

this might be weird, but if my daughter has a real bad cough and cant sleep, before I put her to bed I let her have a spoon full of honey. It helps her get to sleep without coughing as much.



answers from Dallas on

try the honey like someone else posted, but you can also try the steamy bathroom and maybe leave a humidifier on.


answers from Chicago on

Hi S.,
My 3 yr. old son has had a cough for over a month now. I took him to the Ped and she said his lungs were clear and prescribed an antibiotic for 3 days. As far as I know he doesn't have any allergies. Last week of April when this began he had a moderate fever for two days then came the runny nose and coughing. It has been a week since the antibiotic and he's still coughing. The Ped said to wait 2 weeks if it persists come back. If the coughing is really bad at night I give him Delsym Cough Syrup just half of the dose for children 4-6. The Ped said it was okay. That helps him a lot so at least he can sleep. I also run a humidifier in his room every night. Sorry I can't help much, I just wanted to let you know I'm in the same boat. Good luck. Bernie

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