3 Year Old Son Claims His "Butt" Hurts in the Night.

Updated on December 03, 2009
J.K. asks from Condon, MT
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My son has woken up the last 3 or 4 nights screaming that his butt hurts. In the morning he is fine. He has always had problems with bowel movements, but this is beyond that. Last night he hadn't even pooped and he still woke up screaming. It seems like the pain comes in spasms and doesn't last that long, but it's enough to cause him a lot of discomfort. My Father-in-law says they had a similar experience when their kids were younger and it turned out to be pin worms. I looked up the symptoms on line and it sounded more like he would be experiencing an itchy feeling. He definately states it is pain. Has anyone dealt with this? I'm going to make a doctors apt this morning, but was wondering if anyone has gone through this.

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So What Happened?

I took him to the doctor this morning. Turns out you can get Strep in your butt. He is on an antibiotic and that is supposed to clear it up. He just took a nap and woke up crying again so it must take some time to kick in. Hopefully by tonight.
Morning update:
The antibiotics must have worked because he did not wake up last night!

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Hi, J.:

Let us know what the doc says.

Good luck. D.



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my two year old has woken up complaining before but its always been painful gas. Granted hers was infrequent and usually coincided with her eating something like broccoli but there are such a wide variety of things that can go wrong with a baby it boggles the mind. Good luck :o) I hope its something simple and easy



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DEFINITELY check for pinworms. You can often see them if you go into his dark room in the night and peek at his bottom with a flashlight. They will look like little white dots--sort of like little bits of toilet paper or something. If you don't see them, it's still worth doing a "tape test"-talk to your pediatrician. My girls have had it a couple of times over the years and they both woke up crying that their bottoms hurt (sometimes rectal area, sometimes more toward genitals). It's a yucky idea to cope with and there's a lot of laundry, but the worms aren't really harmful and the medication (two pills 2 weeks apart for everyone in the family) is a pretty easy fix. Good luck!



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how about giving him some advil or motrin prior to going to bed? would help to aleve the pain or at least not as bad



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There may be itching but the pin worms will "venture out" in the evening and actually bite = pain for little hinnies. My youngest sister had them reoccuring throughout her childhood and we ALL had to take the medicine with her because they are highly contangious (little onces just can't keep their hands away from them when they are bothered and don't have the best handwashing technique so end up passing the eggs along very easily). I would maybe just buy the pin-x otc medication to try...no harm if it's not actually worms.



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My first thought was also pin worms because it is happening at night. Perhaps at age 3 he's confusing the difference between hurts and itchy? Either way, I hope the Dr. is able to figure out whats going on. Good luck. T.



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wow, Streph?! huh, I learn something new every day on this site. HOpe he is feeling better.

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