3 Year Old Lump on Scrotum

Updated on May 25, 2011
J.S. asks from Fort Worth, TX
6 answers

This morning I found a pea sized lump on my 3 year old sons scrotum. He said it is not painful. It is red and looks like an ingrown hair but there is no hair. Has anyone ever experienced this?

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answers from Phoenix on

Sounds like an ingrown hair, but I do not make any guesses when it comes my son's manhood. Call your doc.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have not, but I would definitely call the pediatrician. It's most likely nothing serious, but I would not fool around with it and would not wait and see. Good luck--hope it's nothing!

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answers from Dallas on

I would call the Pediatrician and have him/her take a look at it. If it is a boil it could be MRSA that needs some oral antibiotics.



answers from Kansas City on

Sometimes you can't see the hair, especially if it is lighter colored or sometimes it just gets sucked all the way in the bump and you can't see it. If it's outwardly red and a bump, not like a bump on the inside of his scrotum then most likely it is a hair or a spider bite or something. I would watch it over the next day or so. You could put some polysporin on it and just see what happens. If it doesn't get better I'd call the doctor in a day or two and if it gets worse I'd call sooner.



answers from Abilene on

Wouldn't hurt to check with his pediatrician. My grandson had a lump and it was a hernia and they had to go in an fix it. It was a simple surgery, but they said if he had not come in, it could have caused some major problems. His was never red, just swollen and one testicle became larger than the other, so your son may not have the same thing. His could just be a bug bite or a small cyst or boil. Hope he is ok!


answers from Denver on

it could be an irritation of some sort, like a boil or a zit. They do happen anywhere. give him a warm bath tonight and let him sleep without underwear in some jammy bottoms and see if its decreased in size by morning or come to a head.

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