3 Year Old Keeps Getting Recurrent Chin Pimple in the Same Spot.

Updated on March 14, 2019
M.M. asks from Irvine, CA
17 answers

My 3 year old son keeps getting a pimple on the crease of his chin. It starts out as a red bump, then turns white. We NEVER pop it and never will. We usually do a warm compress, sometimes witch hazel. Nothing really seems to help. Does anyone have experience with this? Any tips?

I know he’s a toddler and leaving it alone is probably the alone thing, just a little concerning it keeps coming back in the same spot.

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answers from Washington DC on

that is odd.

a doctor will probably give you a better diagnosis than strangers on the internet.


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answers from Portland on

I was told to use a product to treat zits so that you get rid of the stuff causing the blockage (making the zit). So my teens use OTC products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (low %) to get rid of them so they don't come back. Otherwise, I don't think the zit clears, and that stuff is still in there, so it's probably just reforming.

I have no idea if that would be safe on a 3 year old - I would wait and ask his pediatrician next time. But that's likely why he keeps getting one in same spot.

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answers from Springfield on

I wouldn't treat it without knowing what it is and what's causing it. There are too many types of rashes, and what works for one can make another type worse.

I think you need to talk to your doctor. Try just calling the office and talking to the nurse. The nurse might be able to give you advise over the phone.

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answers from Dallas on

What does the Dr say?

If it’s recurring in the same spot, I’d think it would at least warrant a phone call to ask the nurse.

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answers from Washington DC on


Your son needs to be seen by his pediatrician or a dermatologist.

If it's recurring? I would say it's a cyst. While popping it may be traumatic? I would let the doctor determine that. I would wonder if it's a boil. Does it hurt? Does he get a fever? are there any other symptoms he gets when this cyst pops up??

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answers from Atlanta on

that doesn't sound like a pimple or white head. It sounds like a boil or a cyst. Take him to a dermatologist and have it checked out.

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answers from San Francisco on

What does your pediatrician say?

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answers from Boston on

I wouldn't use any adult or teen product on a 3 year old for a number of reasons, including tender skin and the fact that kids touch their faces and then put their hands in their mouths when they eat. I agree to call the pediatrician - if this has happened before, I can't imagine why you would not ask whether he should be seen. I realize he might not always have this skin problem (and we don't know if it's a standard pimple that people get when their hormones start in adolescence, do we?) and certainly the odds are that kids never exhibit symptoms when you're in the office for another purpose anyway. But you could ask if it's worth taking a close up photo and emailing it to them. If it's bothering you enough to ask about it after repeated occurrences, I would think it would be worth a phone call.

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answers from Norfolk on

Could be impetigo - little kids tend to get it around nose and mouth.
If it is - over the counter meds aren't strong enough to cure it, it's contagious and everyone in the house needs to not share wash clothes/towels.
You need to take him to a doctor - he'll know if it's impetigo or not and what needs to happen to treat it.


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answers from Wausau on

Reoccurring at the exact same spot might indicate a cyst has formed. They often flare up and clear up again. Sometimes these are not problems, other times they need care from a dermatologist.

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answers from Atlanta on

Have him checked out. Especially to rule out MRSA.

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answers from Boston on

I'd have your pedi check it out to make sure it's not something like molluscum. One of my kids had that and it can look like a whitehead. The "mother" lesion can hang out by itself in one spot for a while before it starts spreading and then it's a nightmare. Hopefully it's just a pimple but have it looked at.

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answers from El Paso on

Consult your pediatrician and follow the instructions, also, check essential oils, some of them may have healing and drying properties that can help and heal his skin without side effects.


answers from Santa Fe on

I would try using a face wash with salicylic acid...gently wash the spot twice a day with a warm washcloth.



answers from Dallas on

Please have him checked. I agree with Shona, that was my first thought too.



answers from Portland on

I doubt very much it's impetago. I've seen impetago many times. It has many blister looking spots and rapidly spreads if not treated.

One white pimply looking spot is not impetago. My teen grandson has spots like this. The doctor said they're pimples. He gets them over and over in the crease between his cheek and his nose. Unfortunately he pops them.

I too suggest you call and ask his doctor.



answers from Louisville on

Sounds like a staph infection. Time to take him to the dr and get a definite answer

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