3 Year Old Has Bloodshot Eyes

Updated on August 26, 2010
C.L. asks from Los Angeles, CA
5 answers

My 3 year old has had bloodshot eyes for about a week now. It doesn't itch or hurt and he has no crustiness or discharge. We have tried eye drops but they don't do nothing. I dont know if he scratched his eye and he has no allergies.
Anyone know what this might be?

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answers from Los Angeles on

It is to take youson to a doctor it sounds as if their might be an infection do it now do not wait good luck mother of 4 7 ggarndchildren A. no hills



answers from Redding on

Take him to the doctor just to be sure.
Both of my kids have blue eyes and they always looked red and bloodshot.
It could be anything. Eye strain. Rubbing them.
My mom has blue eyes and I know for a fact she never touches alcohol, but her eyes look like she's fried all the time. She does wear corrective glasses, but she has no allergies or anything either.
I would be careful what drops you put in your kid's eyes. I would ask the doctor about it.



answers from Los Angeles on

Your 3 year old sounds as though he has an infection called 'pink eye', also known as conjunctivitis. Here is the link: http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/slideshow-pinkeye?ecd=ppc....

You should get treatment through your pediatrician right away and not take matters into your own hands to guess how to resolve this. Good luck.



answers from San Diego on

You might want to call his doctor's office. It could be an infection. At the very least it is an irritation.
Good luck with your precious little boy.
K. K.



answers from Columbus on

Maybe broken blood vessels? I would make a Dr appointment. They can prescribed eye drops.

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