3 Year Old Halloween Birthday Party - Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Updated on September 22, 2009
D.M. asks from Littleton, CO
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For my daughter's 3rd birthday this October, we are having a costume party. I thought it would be fun for them to also decorate their own pumpkin as an activity - take home gift. Does anyone have any creative ideas for how to decorate small pumpkins without carving them? Also, any other creative crafty/activity ideas for this age group that is related to halloween?

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answers from Denver on

Last year Wal-Mart carried a pumpkin foam project that had sticky eyes, nose, and mouths. Instead of using the foam pumpkins we put the sticky face parts on small pumpkins. It was really cute. I have not looked for this set this year but I bet you could find something similiar either at Wal-Mart or local craft store.

I have also seen rolling pumpkins in glitter and they look really good. This may be a little messy but the end result is something to talk about:)

It sounds like so much fun.....enjoy!

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answers from Colorado Springs on

My son's class did pumpkins last year. He came home from preK w/foam stickers, marker & glitter covering his pumpkin.
What about printing out color pages from the 'net & letting them color their own cats, jack o'lanterns... unscary stuff.



answers from Pueblo on

I know what doesn't work - washable markers, or cheap markers from the dollar store. Glue can be iffy too.

Maybe stickers or finger paint would work? Have fun!



answers from Casper on

I read the other responses, the painting would be great fun. Just buy a large plastic tablecloth for the painting to take place on and use washable paint. You may want the children to bring old large t-shirts to cover their clothes. Sharpie markers work great too and they come in a large variety of colors. They are NOT washable so you may still want to use the tablecloth. Stickers would work also. Get some construction paper so the kids can make hats for their pumpkin.
Happy birthday to your little "witch". My birthday is also on Halloween. I can remember alot of Halloween birthday parties and activities.



answers from Salt Lake City on

The glitter paint pens work well as does all of the items listed below. If you do use washable anything, let the parents know. My son was son upset when the rain the day before halloween washed away his design as it sat outside.



answers from Provo on

thank you for asking this question! we are doing the same thing, but i didn't want to find out by trial and error if stickers and markers would work (i also wanted to avoid carving and messy paint). thank you, mamas, for your responses!



answers from Provo on

Markers work ok and are a little cleaner than paint. If you're up to it, tempra paint works great to decorate pumpkins. If you're looking for something completely non-mess, try stickers. And remember, it's all about the fun!



answers from Boise on

Have them either paint the pumpkins or get stickers with funny faces on them...you know that have the different eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc. that they can choose and put on their pumpkin.



answers from Denver on

In the past we have used markers, water-soluble paints, glue and glitter and cut out construction paper shapes to glue on the faces. If you use the washable markers, they tend to smear but as an inside activity, it's a lot easier to clean up. We always line the floor with newspaper too. It still gets a bit messy but it's much safer than carving. Good luck!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Hi Dena,

Check out the Oriental Trading Co website - they have TONS of craft and holiday related stuff and most all of it is in "unit" or "case" lots of 6 or 12 for not a lot of money. I just got a catalog from them with all the Halloween stuff and they have sticker sets to decorate pumpkins with, in addition to lots of cute treat bag stuff for a Halloween themed party. Good luck finding what you are looking for and Happy Birthday to your little one! C. :)



answers from Denver on

Hi Dena,
You could use colored markers or mr potatoe head parts.

You could play tape the witches hat on (kind of like pin the tail on the donkey, without pins).

You could hide candy through out a room, and in some little plastic pumpkins put some special prizes (like you would do for an easter egg hunt).

I hope this helps.

Good luck & a pre happy birthday to your daughter.


answers from Dallas on

Hi Dena

I taught 3-years-olds for over 15 years and raised two of my own, one who's birthday is October 25. 3-year-olds love to paint - I know you are saying to yourself right now as you are reading this, is she crazy. Buy some WASHABLE paint in fall colors (brown, green, yellow, red, orange) and some SMALL paint brushes from a craft store and have them paint their pumpkin when the first get there so they will have time to dry. Believe me they will love it!

Disney Family Fun has some great ideas - http://familyfun.go.com/arts-and-crafts/season/specialfea...

Have a fun Halloween Birthday party for you daughter!




answers from Salt Lake City on

Buy some poster paints and sponge type paint brushes (and maybe some regular brushes too) and let them paint the pumpkins

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