3 Year Old Hair Loss (Help)

Updated on November 02, 2010
C.R. asks from Chicago, IL
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My sweet baby is losing her hair. She's seen a dermatolgist who said it was alospesia. The first spot was on the side of her head and is about the size of a quarter and nickle together. We're using foam and Rogain for Women. BUT now she's thinning all over and has 2 more spost in the back. One the size of a quarter and the other about a nickle.
Is there anything I can do? She has fine curly hair that took forever to grow so it breaks my heart that it's falling out.
Here are some questions I have...

~The dermatoligist want to see her again in 6 weeks for the 1st spot but since it's gotten worse should I make another appt?
~Do injections to the scalp really work?
~Is she going to lose it all?
~Will it grow back different? (I've read once you lose your hair it can grow back a different texture of color?!?
~In your expeirence will it grow back?
~And I'm worried about the auto-immune side... I have Thryoid issues and my son is Type 1 Diabetic which are both auto immune.
~And lastly... the dermat. reccomended the Rogain but I've read conflicting reports about using that???

I'm really not a vein person so I hate that this is bothering me so but I just love her curly hair sooooo much and I don't want her to live her live worrying about having hair.

What can I do next?

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So What Happened?

Well... I took her to her Pediatrician today and she just confused me furthur. This all started because the Pedi. diagnosed her w/a ringworm. The ringworm got worse which led me to the dermatologist who said it was Alospesia.

The Pediatrician still thinks it's the ringworm and it's turned into tinea capitis which turns into Alospesia if left untreated. She took a hair sample and is sending it to the lab for testing. I HOPE she's right and the oral medication they've prescribed will put her on the right track. I demanded a blood test to check her Thyroid so hopefully that'll will come back fine.

The FRUSTRATING part is the Ped. said to stop using the foam the derm. gave me. And the derm. said the same about the anti-fungal meds whe was first on. Thanks to all your info. I've spent MANY nights researching all this and I want A DOC. who will be more proactive and see what toxins are causing all this. I've read Alospesia and Celiac are related... but when you tell a doctor these things they act like your paranoid.

So I guess I'll keep you all posted. I hope the pedi. is right and the oral meds will help.

Thanks for all your insightful post.

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I have a "best friend" who's little girl at 9 months was diagnosed and now she is 10. It is hard and I am so sad that it seems to hit little girls. I will tell you what I told her; also seek the opinion of an immunologist. The dermatologist is nice, but see what else is going on autoimmune wise. Rogain is not to be used and you can actually being doing more harm than good. They have not found any way to prevent or to stop it. (One reason I am a Catholic who believes in Stem Cell Research). I am so sorry.... Here is a (((HUG))). We know of an adult friend who has it as well but she is adjusted as she has had it as long as she can remember. I think you need to talk to another "mom of a daughter" who is going through it now! I in-boxed you.

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Here is a link to causes of hair loss in kids
If the patches have smooth skin that is most likely alopecia, but if the skin is red or scaly it can be psoriasis, if itchy ringworm (not a worm, just a fungus). Be very careful with specialists - in my opinion they tend to find something in their specialty. My husband had unnecessary surgery for a teeny hernia when the photo showed a huge shadow behind it that the surgeon did not see but the urologist immediately identified as a kidney stone. I would definitely take her for a full physical. The above website talks about hairloss about 6 weeks after an illness with fever called telogen effluvium. A visit to your pediatrician is likely your best first step if your child is losing her hair. She will likely be able to diagnose and treat common causes of hair loss, such as ringworm, traction alopecia, and telogen effluvium. For other conditions, including trichotillomania and alopecia arreata, your pediatrician will likely refer you to a specialist for further treatment.
This website talks about treatments of alopecia areata (just spots not all over the body) and states that full recovery of hair is common and that blood test and scalp biopsy can determine if it is indeed this. http://adam.about.com/encyclopedia/infectiousdiseases/Alo...
You do not have to be vain to suffer for your child, that just means you care about her. Hang in there, hopefully it is something minor and treatable.

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answers from Victoria on

I lost my hair in college. It started out pea size & grew to grapefruit size. I finally got the injections. They hurt soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Due to the size of the area, it ended up being about 100 of them just under the skin. I did work though. I told my husband if it happened again, then I would just shave my head & wear wigs! I'm so sorry she is going thru this! Have never figured out the trigger & have had it happened several times since, but never got bigger than a pea. my hair stayed the same, but pregnancy changed my hair & color & texture. i've had several auto immune things go wacky & no diagnoses for why. Had yeast go crazy & had it all over. Took 6 months to get levels back to normal. Had thyroid go low, then by the time I saw specialist & re tested levels were coming up on their own & leveled out at normal. So, hopefully things will reset & she'll get better. best of luck.

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I feel for you so much. It makes me so sad to read your posting (hopefully the crying won't mess up my spelling and grammar too much lol). I've had issues with alopecia for the last 10 or so years. It's been so rough accepting some of the loss may be permanent and having it hit home every time I look in the mirror. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to see my little baby girl go through this.

I'm shocked that the dermatologist would go directly to such a harsh chemical as Rogain for such a little person. Did he discuss anything about possible reactions to toxins in her body or environment or even the possibility of food allergies? I know for some the idea of food allergies and reactions to household chemicals can be hard to accept, but unfortunately there seem to be more and more people having reactions. Here's just one article I found on alopecia and the autoimmune response : http://www.steinorthopedic.com/pdf/alopecia-areata.pdf To quote the article "As with all autoimmune conditions, toxic elements are most often responsible for the condition [Alopecia Areata] to occur."

For me the alopecia seems to be a combination of toxins and hormonal. Changing to an organic shampoo and limiting my exposure to harsh chemicals has stopped my hair from falling out. Getting it to grow back has been a lot more challenging, but it is happening little by little as I eat healthier and live in a healthier environment and having my little girl adjusted my hormones a bit too :)

I do have some understanding of all the fear and loss that you are going through. Don't beat yourself up about being vain; you would probably feel the same way about her hair if it were a shiny, straight brown--a loss is a loss.

I encourage you to find another doctor that will look deeper into the issue and I hope so much that her hair loss can be figured out and cured very soon.

Best of luck and hugs to you,

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son had this when he was 2 yrs old. He had super fine hair and like your daughter it took forever to grow in. Then out of no where his hair started falling out. He ended up losing all of it. Eye brows but not his lashes and all. When this started I took him to a pediatric dermatologist who determined through testing that he had Alopecia.

The good news is that it wasnt permanent! It took a good year after all the hair fell out but he now has an amazing amount of hair, that has to be thinned out when he gets it cut!

He did not get any medicine for this nor were we given any instructions to use any kind of rogain or shampoo. I would not use it on a little one as its not even good for adults.

This is unrelated I am told, but about 6 months after his hair fell out he was treated with an anti fungal medicine for an unrelated problem (which I later found out is not a great thing) but it seemed that after this medicine his hair came back with a vengeance. The medical field has all told me it is not related, but I am convinced he had a problem with yeast all along.
The more research I do on yeast the more amazed I am at all the problems that can arise from this fungus.
So with that said, maybe check into yeast. It does not have to present itself in a condition such as thrush or a yeast infection for it to be prevalent in the body. Causing all kinds of havoc. I hope everything turns out for the better for you and this all gets figured out. Keep up being a good mom!

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Hi, sorry you are going through this. Has her thyroid been checked as well? I would also switch to all natural everything - vinegar and water to clean with, econuts in the laundry, organic clothes (http://www.katequinnorganics.com/?gclid=COqNgtKH-6QCFcgK2...) and diapers (there are a dreadful amount of toxins in disposable diapers). GroVia uses organic cotton in their diaper liners, and there are also organic cotton and bamboo diapers out there (www.cottonbabies.com). Also have her eat probiotics through yogurt and supplements. Google probiotics children (the link was really long, drugstore.com had a chewable). Omega 3 is also really good and will boost her immune system. Best of luck to you.

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answers from Dallas on

Rogain is very harsh especially for a child. PLEASE try classical homeopathy but a certified homeopath. Dr. Dan Cook in Dallas is great. ###-###-####. Or there is a Dr. Alex Bekker. A good Classical homeopath can help your child overcome this! Western medicine will only suppress and treat symptoms. Homeopathy can heal the body. If you have any other questions

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answers from San Francisco on

Rogaine is not the answer to this. Get another doctor. Maybe try an endocrinologist.

Her alopecia might be temporary, or it might end up being permanent. Vanity has nothing to do with it. Everyone wants hair, especially females, and it will be a real loss for her if she ends up with no hair.

There is probably an Alopecia support group or Foundation, and if I were you I would find a group of people with experience with this. Fortunately there are very good wigs these days, and permanent tattooing, if it ends up being permanent, which hopefully it won't. A boy in a school I work at had permanent alopecia, and it was hard for him. I don't want to scare you, I just want you to be prepared and informed.

And yes, it is usually an autoimmune condition. Look up alopecia on Wikipedia, for starters.

Good luck with it. I hope for the best for your little girl.

She doesn't have cancer. Cancer doesn't cause hair loss, it's the treatment for cancer that causes hair loss.



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I am so sorry to hear about your sweet little girl. I want to encourage you to look at her overall health. Stress can cause hair loss and I know it doesn't seem like a 3 yr old could have any reason to be stressed, but all is relative to each person's world. She is definitely having some immune system challenges and I would love to talk to you about building health in her and the rest of your family as well. I have a friend who started losing her hair just after college and she now has a lovely head of hair. Send me a direct message so we can set up a time to talk.

Keep being proactive and doing your research.



answers from Las Vegas on

This has nothing to do with vanity. I would take her to the PED and have blood work drawn to be sure there is nothing wrong.

I don't mean to be negative but there are a number of things that could be wrong with hair loss, cancer.?

X - out the big things just to be sure she is healthy.



answers from Dallas on

I want to share what Vemma has done for my hair! It grows so fast that I have to have it cut every 3 1/2 weeks. Friends have reported thinning spots filling in, one an 85 year old lady and one who is 68. Vemma Next is the formula for ages 2 to 12, and our granddaughters ask for their daily dose. There is a 30 day empty bottle money back guarantee, so it is risk free. It is all natural plant source minerals with DHA and probiotics that children need. They just don't get sick anymore, though Vemma makes no claims to cure or heal anything, but just to offer the nutrition a body needs in a 97% absorbable liquid. It might work on your daughter, and you get your money back if not. Write me back on Mammasource and I will send you the link you can order on line. It comes from Arizona to your door via UPS. Tastes so great! Like an orange dreamcycle. I have been drinking the adult dose for about three years now.



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Stress can make your hair fall out also. Did she just start a new pre-school or has there been any other big family changes like moving or a death in the family?



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I would bring up all you questions & concerns to the Dr treating her...
Then I would also make an appt. to see her pediatrcian & get some lab work done on her there could be something else going on effecting her hair loss...I wish you the best in your findings,is she anemic taking vitmains daily if not I would begin taking them.



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I'm so sorry! My step-sister was diagnosed with Alopecia when she was about 11: just in time for middle school.

There is a national support group for this condition:


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