3 Year Old Does Not to Wear Underwear.

Updated on May 29, 2013
S.R. asks from Austin, TX
6 answers

My 3 year old daugher hates to wear panties. She will take them off after I get her dressed in the morning and I won't know it until we are out in public somewhere. She tells me they are to tight but even when we bought her a bigger size she still complains. It is a huge fight each day. Any advice?

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answers from Houston on

Hi S.-

It could be a mild sensory issue with your daughter. Are there any other things that she seems equally sensitive to (food textures, tags in clothing, etc)?

She's young, but maybe you can try to figure out exactly what it is about the panties that bothers her -- the tag or seams, the elastic around the waist or legs, the fabric? Try turning the panties inside out to get the seams and the tag on the outside. If she wears a lot of skirts or dresses try just wearing some snug fitting knit shorts underneath instead of panties.

Good Luck,



answers from Corpus Christi on

3y/o's can be very stubborn. I have one at this time. I let him pick out his underwear and he thinks it is the coolest thing in the world. They want to be so independent at this age. If she like to wear skirts or dresses...don't let her unless she has undies on!!!!! I hope this helps...



answers from Beaumont on

My three year old son hated underwear too. We switched from the normal brief to the boxer-briefs. Walmart.com has several different styles of girls panties including hipsters which might help if her panties are too tight around her legs, they also have size charts to help you know what size is best. Check other online stores for more styles and variety.
I would also get into the routine of doing a "panty check", before you walk out the door make sure she has some on and always keep a couple of spares in the vehicle. Then if you get to the store and realize she doesn't have any on you can just grab one from the car and slip them on her.
Hope it helps. Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Houston on

Then, her panties must be ducked taped on her. If she has too pee, she must just try too pull the bottom and back off her panties to the sides. With me, when I was 3, I loved my briefs that I put on my briefs, though I couldn't take off my briefs. If I peed, I tried too open the front off my briefs.



answers from College Station on

Is she just starting to wear undies? Has she been potty trained for awhile? When you trained her, did you let her go naked? It may be that she is just not used to the way they feel? I would also say, "Don't you want to be a big girl like mommy? See mommy wears undies too." Show her yours. Maybe if you let her select the undies she will be excited to wear them. I would always have some w/me so if you got into public and she didn't have any on, you could put them on her and tell her that to go into the store she has to have them on. It's the rule. No body can go naked. Mommy will get into trouble if she doesn't wear them.

Hope it helps,
Mom to 5 Wonderful Kids



answers from Los Angeles on

OMG! I don't have the answer for you, but I can definitly relate, my 3 year old son, all of a sudden decides to no longer wear pull-ups at night, underwear ( we have 3 different kinds, which he refuses all of them), pants , and socks, the only article of clothing he will wear is a tshirt, or long sleeve tshirt but if they have an elastic cuff, FORGET IT. This is day 4, and Im frantically searching the net for a quick solution, this is a child that listens and responds well to reason, and no amount of reasoning with him works, I live in Quebec Canada and right now it is minus 30 degrees outside, so he needs to wear clothing.... yesterday he decided every pair of pants he owns are too tight ( which they are not), he doesnt like the button waist, and believe it or not, he didnt want to wear a pair of jeans because they have a loop label on the exterior of the pant, it took me 45 mins to convince him to get dressed yesterday because I was going to the grocery store, and he absoultly wanted to come with me..... 7 pairs of pants later, I was at a loss....he finally settled on a old pair ( which are a little to short for him (( thank god for winter boots))..... so please hang in there, And this is what I told myself yesterday as steam was shooting out of my ears. Calm down and try to understand his needs, not my own..... So be patient with your little sweetheart's issues of not wearing panties, our kids are just too young to be able to express correctly what is bothering them....you and I and all the other mommies, good luck and if anything gives, please let us know!!! Thanks

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