3 Year Old Craft Gift Ideas?

Updated on May 21, 2011
B.F. asks from Tiffin, OH
6 answers

Hi! My niece is turning 3 and loves to spend time doing crafts/decorating things, so I wanted to get her a birthday gift to encourage this!
Does anyone have any ideas for me, of a kit or simply good supplies on their own? It should be something that doesn't need a ton of supervision.

I wanted to get the create your own tiara by melissa and doug, but the reviews stated the stickers wouldn't stay on the foam very well...

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answers from St. Louis on

colored pencils, sketch book, washable markers, big box of crayons.

glue sticks, safety scissors, lots of paper in all sizes/colors.

Stickers, activity books for preschoolers.

One year for Christmas, my Mom bought toolbox style organizers & filled each compartment & drawer with craft supplies. The kids loved the gift!


answers from San Antonio on

Kids love to paint but moms hate the mess so you could get the paint with water books or the crayola kit where the markers write clear but show up on the special paper. You could also make your own kit with small scissors, glue stick, paper and all that good stuff and put it in a pencil box. You might want to ask her mom what she already has. Some art supply stores sell colored pencils that don't roll for little kids. My toddlers also like play dough. It is messy but it keeps them busy for a long long time. Add some plastic animals or a rolling pin and some cookie cutters to make a cute gift.


answers from Bloomington on

Does she have a Light Bright? Those are fun!



answers from Denver on

My mom just bought a light (battery powered) for my daughter (4). You get to put stickers on the shade, then put it together and it lights up! Pretty cool! Not messy and easy... My daughter has slept with it (on the dresser) as a night light ever since! Oh, -she got it at Target!



answers from Cincinnati on

go to Oriental Trading Company's website orientaltrading.com They have lots of little crafty kits and they are inexpensive and cute too!



answers from Philadelphia on

Does she have an easel? My toddler loves to paint and draw and we got a nice easel from Ikea for relatively little money. It has a chalk board on one side and you can buy a roll of paper with it for paint, markers or crayons.

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