3 Year Old Ate DINO FIZZ EGG?

Updated on February 20, 2013
S.C. asks from Kansas City, MO
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Hello. So I have a question because I've tried looking everywhere for an answer and can't find it. I seriously don't think my child is the only one that's tried this stuff. SO, last night, i bought her that dino fizz egg thing that hatches when it's dropped in the bath. Well, she got a hold of it, and took a piece of it off. I asked her if she ate it, she denied it. This was in the afternoon, then at night, she was complaining of a belly ache, so by that time, I knew she'd eaten it. Now it's 7AM, and she's throwing up purple stuff. (dinosaur was purple). The label only warns about it being a choking hazard, so i don't know whether to call the doctor, or just leave it. If she keeps vomiting, would that be okay? When should I call her doctor? What else should I look out for?

Thanks in advance.

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So What Happened?

So I called Poison Control and the nurse said that her vomiting had nothing to do with the Dino Fizz, and said it's most likely due to a virus she's coming down with. She said if she continues to vomit past 2PM, that I should give her doctor a call. Thanks to everyone that answered.

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Call poison control. They will be able to guide you.
I have had to call them more than once, they always have solid advice.


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Call poison control! Please.
If it is nothing, they will know. If you need to be concerned, they will know.
If you need to give her milk or stay away from giving her anything to drink, they will know.

If you have anything from the packaging still, have it handy when you call. IF you won't call poison control, at least call your doctor and explain what has happened. I would not assume that just because its only "warning" was a choking hazard, that you should not be concerned. BE concerned. Until someone with adequate information tells you that you don't need to be.

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Call POISON control they will be able to assist you & what to do give you advice onto what to watch for.The package does it have a customer service number call them as k if it is non toxic if ingested what harm will it cause

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I second calling poison control. Better safe than sorry!

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Call your doc and posion control and read the label to them. They will know what to do.

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ANYTIME you think your kid (or pet for that matter) ate something she shouldn't, please do not hesitate to call poison control at the number someone else posted. Please, please call. NOW.

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If that dinosaur expands, I'd take it very seriously. Call your Ped ASAP and see what they say.

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I hope your child is okay. I cannot, for the life of me, imagine not immediately calling the doctor or poison control. This board is not a substitute for medical advice. Things that fizz at a minimum cause a tremendous amount of gas when they are wet. But they are also filled with chemicals that should not be ingested. I would suggest that 3 is too young for these bath fizzies if she is still putting things in her mouth.

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