3 Week Old with Reflux

Updated on November 17, 2009
E.S. asks from Amarillo, TX
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Okay my baby girl (which is my third child) is three weeks old as of this past Tuesday which she spent three days this week in the hospital to get the diagnoses of acid reflux.
she is started on zantac and is doing a bit better but Im looking for some more options to make this so much easier if possible for her. She has always gotten the hiccups and hated laying flat sinice she was born. Up until this past Saturday she was doing good and had only thrown up a bottle maybe three times. But I mean to tell you its the whole bottle not a little at all.
Here is a little of her history and what we are doing now to help her:
She was born at 38 weeks at 8 lbs 7 oz perfectly healthy. She came home next day and has been doing good. From the day she was born she hates being put on her back flat. She will scream so much she doesn't have a voice left or makes her self cough and choke from screaming. So, she is always propped up on her boppy, in our arms, on our chest, the swing, carseat, bouncer so she is never flat always reclined or up. We have tried changing her formula to cheaper and fussy baby formula etc but, she ends up throwing it up all of it so she is staying on her formula of her choice (Enfamil lipil premium). She burps really good between every 1 and half oz and drinks up to 4 oz most of the time. We ushually wait between one and half ounces at least 15 minutes or so before feeding ehr the rest. She has never spit up ever. Thing is she throws up the whole bottle with the reflux. The doctor put her on zantac and mylocon (gas drops) and she is doign better only throwing up maybe once a day. Also, we tried changing bottles and she either drowns with the others or will not take them at all so she prefers the cheap walmart brand bottles (fine with me to be cheap somehow). And she take the nuk pacifiers. After eating she gets the hiccups still and is very fussy so thats when we give the gas drops and she stays upright for a while.
Does anyone else have any other suggestions?

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So What Happened?

well things continues to get worse and my baby girl ended up havign prejectile vomiting. I got her in to the doctor and he sent us to the hospital for an ultra sound. My baby girl had pyloric stynosis. Had surgery Monday and got out of the hospital wed morning.
Pyloric stynosis is not that common in girls but she had it. Also my son that will be 6 in january had it at 5 weeks had the surgery got it fixed and my next to oldest brother had it when he was 5 weeks also had the surgery and never had another problem.

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Hi E.,

I feel for you! Having a baby with acid reflux is no fun at all! My nephew had these issues when he was a baby and would just cry and cry. My SIL had him on Zantac and started using the Enfamil Nutramigen formula. It took a few days but it worked wonders. He stopped fussing so much and didn't seem to be in pain like he was before. Its a little more expensive but I've heard that some insurances cover it with a Rx from your pediatrician. Its definately worth a try!



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ok so all 3 of my kids had reflux..most recently my now 6 month old got it around 3 wks as well...zantac only helped a little..so the pedi told me to put like a teaspoon of rice cereal in her bottle to thicken it up a little so it will be heavier on her tummy..also you can feed her less more often.. so instead of 4 oz every 3 hours or so feed her 3 ounces every 2 and 1/2 hours or so...also for hiccups...gripe water is awesome and its all natural..ginger and fennil..and it really calms their tummy as well.. my little girl is now 6 months and rarely throws up..she does spit up some but nowhere like it was..and she is on no meds!!



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My daughter had reflux when she was an infant until about 12 months also. We started her on Zantac but it didn't really work. I believe we changed her to Prilosec after about 3 weeks on Zantac and that helped a lot more. I would say go back to the pediatrician and tell him/her everything you are doing and see if there is something else you can try (either ways of feeding, or medicine). You could also ask for a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist because it could be that the problem is something other than reflux (not sure what tests your ped did from your post).

This is a very stressful problem to have. Best wishes to you in finding help, and hang in there.



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It sounds to me like maybe the meds arent working. Both my kids had/have it. My daughter did well on the Zantac but it isnt working for my son. I would take him back and ask to see a GI specialist. We are doing the same for my son. We switched to the Dr. Browns bottles. THey have preemie nipples so she doesnt drown. This helps with the gas and reflux. Good Luck and hope this helps a bit.



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Oh my i have been throught this.....i know your pain...well i had my daughter august 3, 2006. She was born with acid reflux to. She had it until she was about 7 or 8 monthsold. It was 2 months before we found out that she had acid reflux. They also put my daughter on zantac liquid. It worked pretty good. My daughter would wake up screaming every hour wanting her bottle. Come to find out this was what sooth her pain before the zantac. I used the gentleas formula. It aslo helped her. I remember long drawn out nights walking in circles, sleeping in a recliner with her on my tummy. It was very stressful. I tryied adding a little rice cereal to her bottle, but i found that the oatmeal cereal worked better. I know the doctors dont agree, but it seemed to help... I hope this helps you. Good luck sweetie i know exactly what your going threw. Oh also try this buy a wedge and let her sleep on that to help keep her raised up at night that worked pretty good to. Take care



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Hi E., I am SO sympathetic, my 18 month old had reflux for 13 months. Our best resource was a website marci-kids.com . This is a site hosted by doctors and techs who specialize in GERD.

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