3 Week Old with Gas!!!!

Updated on April 08, 2011
C.M. asks from Union, SC
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I have a three week old and he has had a time with gas today!! Can i give him gas drops or is it to early?

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answers from Boston on

My son was SO gassy at that age! I believe I did give him Mylicon (or something similar) even when he was just 3 weeks old. That stuff is like magic!

p.s. One other thing I used to do with both my kids was hold their feet and move their legs as if they were riding a bicycle while they were lying on their backs to get things in their tummies moving - sometimes that would help to get gas bubbles moving.

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answers from Washington DC on

Talk to your doctor first, but Mylicon drops were a Godsend for my son!



answers from New York on

Check with pediatrician. I think it is OK but don't take my word. Call.



answers from St. Louis on

I gave that stuff to my son when he was around that age (maybe even a little younger). However, they don't really help him either so I stopped.



answers from Phoenix on

We did Gripe Water and that worked pretty well for my daughter at that age. I also learned to hold her face down with my hands clasped right at her belly so that the pressure of my hands rested on her belly and that helped her release the gas. Also, are you breastfeeding? If so, be careful what you're eating. Stick to bland foods in the beginning until she gets used to different types of food and flavors in your breast milk.



answers from Kansas City on

Our second baby was extremely gassy from the very beginning and his Dr. said not to give him anything unless it looks like it's painful gas for him. Very rarely did we have to give him gas drops. We just let him toot all of the time and he eventually grew out it.



answers from Cincinnati on

That stuff NEVER worked for my kid...I ended up taking the babys temp because I thought she was sick...I bent over to reach for something (a wipe) and that was enough to wiggle the thermometer and it must have stimulated her butt and made her push out a huge "putz" followed by a poo...I ended up using the 'ol thermometer' trick a few times when she was really little. THat worked for me..the drops never did a thing...oh but YES you can give them the drops at that age



answers from Atlanta on

try imaginary bicycle moves with his legs....it really helps the gas move and get released. My nephew had really bad gas as an infant and this always helped.



answers from Atlanta on

My nextdoor neighbor gave the drops to her newborn - right from the hospital - and they worked like a charm for her. Best of luck to you and your new baby


answers from San Antonio on

If you're concerned, try this:
With baby on his back, maneuver his legs so that he is riding an imaginary bicycle (pedaling). This should help get the air bubbles moving and get some toots out. Worked for my son. I don't remember him being this young, but I've heard that because we walk, we get our burps and farts out. These babies that don't walk need assistance getting it all moved around. I dunno about the science of it. It worked for me though - to just pedal his legs for about 2-3 minutes a few times a day.



answers from Charleston on

I'd try relieving the gas by laying him on his back and pushing his knees gently up toward his chest, then straighten them back down. You may also want to lay him tummy down on your lap/thighs and gently bounce your knees up and down -- kind of like when you burp him. Our pediatrician doesn't recommend medicine before 6 months -- but gas drops may be different? If the baby is not in horrible pain, it's probably best to let it work itself out.



answers from Atlanta on

You can give him the drops -- we used Little brand's drops after trying Mylicon without success. I looked up all the colic "holds" and tips, and nursed or fed infant at 30-45-degree angle for less air. The football hold, bouncing on knees belly-first, bicycle-legs, walking with bouncing, and massaging stomach and bottom near hole helped a lot too.

If breastfeeding, perhaps check what you're eating and especially how much water you're drinking -- I was putting a full glass by my regular "station" and chugging while he did for my +64 oz/day:) I had to eat like an old lady until around 6-8 weeks to eliminate colic-like-gas -- mainly after I ate spaghetti or pizza red sauce, any garlic, or broccoli. When I started supplementing with formula, both babies were more gassy with Enfamil than Parent's Choice, but each kid's unique (is that good?:) ).

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