3 Months Later: No Period, Positive Urine, Negative Blood

Updated on May 22, 2010
R.M. asks from Sacramento, CA
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Last period was 3/7. I've been patiently waiting because test after test has been negative. I got a blood test about a month ago (4/21) and it was negative. I figured that was the end of the agonizing wait and my body would go back to 'normal'. Yesterday (5/20) morning, I took a test and it was positive, I thought that everything was finally starting to make sense! My OBGYN scheduled a quantitive blood test and the results this morning show <1. Needless to say, that is a negative.

At my last appointment, the OBGYN said that if I were to skip a period it would be Ok and normal. If it was something that continued, we'd look into it. He also said after getting the negative blood test that there still was a possibility that I could be pregnant. (how's that for adding fuel to my fire of confusion?) For weeks now, I have thought that if I didn't know better that I would think I was pregnant. My ankles are swollen, I've been getting heartburn, and I'm starting to feel little flutters.

I'm really having a hard time because logic tells me that if the blood test shows no pregnancy hormone, then I'm not pregnant. Logic also tells me that over 2 months of no period and these symptoms indicate that I'm pregnant. Not to mention that I've done some resaerch and read that there are women who never have positive pregnancy tests but end up being given ultrasounds and they are in fact pregnant. I really won't feel comfortable until I know for sure what is going on and waiting until 6/1 is going to drive me bonkers!

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So What Happened?

I'm not pregnant. I went in Tuesday and had an ultrasound and full labs. So far, everything looks healthy and normal. Yet, I'm still waiting for my period. Healthy labs mean that we just need to look elsewhere to see what might be affecting my period. The doctor is scratching his head on this one, too.

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answers from Modesto on

I have a friend who was pregnant for 5 months and failed many pregancy tests........shoe finally got an ultrasound and discovered she was pregnant. It does happen :O)


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answers from Eugene on

Is your OB unwilling to do a ultrasound? Why not just do one, especially since you've gotten conflicting test results and look and see if there is a baby in there! I would push for that, if I were you. Both of my pregnancies were confirmed with vaginal ultrasounds, it's so net to see that little "peanut" on the screen, and the heartbeat... and if your not pregnant, then you know for sure, and it would be good to find out what IS causing your other symptoms.

Good Luck!



answers from Houston on

From the research I did on home pregnancy tests, it is rare to get false negatives with them...only false positives.

However, the range of "normal" HCG levels in every woman is different. Two women could have the exact same level...one could be pregnant, one not. If you had a blood test a month ago...and your levels haven't increased since then...you were not pregnant...or are having a VERY unusual pregnancy.

The heart isn't even beating until 5-6 weeks! So even by vaginal ultrasound, you aren't necessarily going to see any more than a yolk sac and some cells. Other than just KNOWING...what difference does it really make? If you were TRYING to get pregnant, you should have already been taking care of yourself and taking vitamins...or should certainly start.

The symptoms that you listed aren't really "typical" early pregnancy symptoms. Of course, every woman is different, but I can certainly see why your OB isn't so concerned about you being pregnant.

It would be useful to know more about your history. Regular menstruation? What kind of birth control? Using assistance to get pregnant? Other health problems?

It didn't become the norm to see women so early in pregnancy until the last 10-15 years. Reason being that something like 25-30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage before 12 weeks and there isn't anyththing you can do about it this early. Miscarriage rates have "risen" since the late 1970s...because that is when home pregnancy tests became available and women could test themselves before going to the doctor. If the 1950s and 60s you wouldn't even go to the doctor until you had missed a couple of periods.

I am not trying to be harsh...I've had three miscarriages of my own. My midwife treated me through the last one and the pregnancy with my daughter. Unless there are concerns or you request otherwise, she doesn't see you for anymore than health and diet counseling before 12 weeks.

Ultrasounds are expensive and the effects on the unborn baby are still unknown. There has certainly been some interesting research in the past few years about it. Insisting that your doctor do one is not only unnecessary, but drives up health care costs for everyone.

It sounds like you are having some other discomforts, but maybe something other than pregnancy should be considered.


answers from Kansas City on

Why do you have to wait until June 1st? Some doctors have ultrasounds right in their offices. If it were me I'd demand an ultrasound now. Unless you are in some tiny little hick place that doesn't have them :) 25 years ago, we didn't even have a machine in our town. I had to wait for the day they could bring one to the hospital.


answers from Chicago on

Why can't you have a vaginal ultrasound? That should answer any and all questions.

Yeah, I wouldn't wait until 6/1 to find out anything. Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion. Ask around for another trusted OB/GYN.



answers from Odessa on

Always leave room for a lab mix up. Hard to imagine, but stuff happens. I would request an ultrasound to confirm.


answers from Rochester on

Is 6/1 your ultrasound??? A friend of mine had irregular cycles and called me complaining about what I told her were definite pregnancy symptoms (tender swollen breasts, etc.). She had a negative home test, waited a week, then had a "barely" positive home test (she emailed me a picture because she thought the line was faint). She ended up with a "barely" positive blood test, then they didn't see anything on the ultrasound. A week or so later, they saw the baby. She had symptoms very early so her HCG levels were probably lower and harder to pick up. She has a very healthy little toddler now.

How frustrating for you, though!! I am very surprised they are making you wait that long for an ultrasound. Usually doctors want to start prenatal care as soon as possible. :( Hope you find out soon.



answers from Toledo on

I went off birth control in April of one year and didn't have a period until January of the next year. My doctor told me to ride it out. He checked my hormone levelsthnx they were fine so he said don't worry about it. I had a similar experience when I had a different doctor and that doctor gave me a shot of progesterone (I think) and that made me start my period. If you are TTC then I would press for the shot otherwise, enjoy not having a period! I went through about five years of horribly irregular periods and the guessing game as to whether or not I was pregnant all the time. Good luck!

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