!3 Months Decided She Doesn't like to Eat What She Use to eat....need Advise

Updated on February 12, 2009
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My 13 months use to eat anything and everything since she was 4 months old. Around her 11 months, she decided that she no longers like veggies, meats/poultry, and fruits. She will only eat oatmeal, wheat toast/butter/jelly/, baby veggie/cheese puffs, crackers, and yogurt. Yes, that's all. She has always been petite and thin...AT 12 months, she weighed 17 pounds and her dr. wasn't too alarm but warned that my baby needs to start showing some weight gain. I tried quickly putting food in her month-failed, I tried mixing it in her food-failed, so I started putting the food on her table and she picks it up, throws it way across the kitchen room onto the living room...and so on forth. With every meal I keep puting the food along with her favorite food. And of course...I am runnin accross the room to catch all the food she plans to dump out....I do this because I am hoping that one day she will have a change of desire for the food she once loved. My husband thinks we should starve her (keep her favorite food out of her reach) and hope she'll be so hungry that she'll eat the chicken that sitting in front of her. I am somewhat hesitated because she is thin already and as a social worker, we are taught that food should never be used as a behavioral modification tool. The werid part is that when daddy eats a cookie, she wants it so bad...she starts screaming for it. We are so amazed!! I told hubby not to give her the cookie but I know he does it behind my back....anyways...any other suggestions?

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So What Happened?

thanks for your input. I decided to feed my daughter what she likes along witha new food item consitancy for a few days. I also taught myself to enjoy watching her reject the food and let her throw it across the room, so that I don't stress out about her rejection. Recently she a accepted a new food item. As for my stubborn loveable husband, he attempted to force a new food item on our baby and she puked on him!!! A learning lesson for him...he's is now living with guilt and has let go of the food situation, LOL.

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A baby or child...if they do not want to eat something they won't... even if you starve them. You will be surprised.

No, your child is not unusual. THIS is a common thing with kids... it's all about ages & stages and phases. Kids go in and out of food likes/dislikes ALL THE TIME.

Main thing is she is fed, and nourished, even if that means she is eating the same ol'.

A child will have MANY MANY food phases. At this young age...their taste-buds are STILL developing... and changing. Thus, the resulting food aversions or like and dislikes. It's normal behavioral based, and biological based and developmental based.

Don't punish for it... as you said, using food as a tool to punish her and give her hang ups. Not good at all.

And no, she is not just being difficult. Just see what makes her tic....and just feed her. No big deal.

Believe me, this is just one small "phase" of many.... the ages from 1-2 and then from 2-3 years of age is particularly a difficult transition.

I recommend the book "Your 1 Year Old" which you can get from www.amazon.com It will explain each "age stage" and what to expect and how a Parent can HELP a child and understand them. In context of their age and stages. Not ours.

You could try and feed her smoothies... or calorie dense and nutrition dense foods... *Or, give her "Pediasure" which is a full-vitamin packed "meal" drink for kids. It also has needed protein in it. I would try and give her this...it is used for children that are under-weight or has other food issues. Because it is nutrient packed, for kids... it is good and helpful. I even give that to my son sometimes, because he is such a picky eater. *There is also something called "Carnation Instant Breakfast" drinks, which are the same type of "meal" drinks and it's for kids as well. Full or vitamins and protein.

Since your Pediatrician said she needs to gain weight... or he is concerned about her percentiles... the what did the Doctor suggest?

Your child is normal. Just let her eat what she "will" eat. She will not starve or be malnourished. Even teenagers and adults have changing food likes and dislikes.... so a mere 1 year old should not be exempt. UNLESS... you think she has a food sensitivity or other type of problem...

All the best,

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I'm going through the same thing with my 23 month old. All the advice I've got from the Dr. is to make sure when she is hungry to offer nutritious food! Also, when I give her an english muffin or anything with butter I SOAK it with it. They NEED the fat! This is NORMAL. Don't force her to eat :)


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Okay, so we know how sometimes Daddy's have skewed views or things and expectations that may not be aligned with what a toddler needs.

Not feeding her a meal, just because she won't eat the chicken is not going to change the fact that RIGHT NOW she just doesn't like it. My son has gone through various incarnations of eating EVERYTHING in front of him to eating only hot dogs, homemade chicken nuggets, corn, lima beans and snacks like apple slices, string cheese and goldfish crackers. The key is to help them learn how to eat healthy well balanced meals, and show them what good eating habits look like.

Denying your child a meal, just because she isn't into it is kind of mean. Not that she's going to starve, but she is definitely not going to change until she's developed a taste for that. We eat dinner together, but if my son isn't hungry I don't push it. I don't make him sit at the table and eat, we'ver worked out that he will sit with us while we eat and if he's hungry he eats...if not, no biggie. But, I cook foods that are simple and add one new thing every week or two. For example, my son loves hot dogs...so, if I'm adding a new food I'll do it when I cook him basics I know he'll eat. And, I introduce the new food for three days in a row and then stop and try again in a couple of weeks.

Let her eat what she will, and trust me that will change eventually too! My son used to love yogurt and now he says it's yucky...but, will eat it with granola or blueberries...so go figure!

Just to share some experience...my Dad and Mom grew up in finish what's on your plate households...my Dad told me a story one time about how he had to sleep at the dining room table because he wouldn't eat his peas. Then, in the morning he wasn't allowed to eat breakfast unless he ate what was on his plate. He says he attributes experiences like that to not being close to his Mom. Not that yours is that extreme, but I think as a social worker you know how this should be handled and you really have to educate your hubby on the proper way to work with you daughter during her time of picky eating.

It's funny to me becuase my son will eat things today that I can't stand, but I don't push my food likes on him so that he can make up his own mind about food.

Good Luck!

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ok first off i just want to say that a baby will not let themselfs starve. i can openly and honestly say i have sent my daughter at 15months old (shes now 23 months) to bed without dinner or down for a nap with out lunch and she has gone with out breakfast becaus she refuses to eat whats cooked. im not a restaraunt so i cook one meal that thats that. i had this issue with my daughter about everyother day in the beginning and now its far and in between. but when she refuses to eat i take her food and walk her to the trash and she sees me throw it away and she gets hurt over it. but how i see it is that she needs to learn. now my daughter eats what i give her just about. when its a new dish i expect some hesitence but she usually eats it. are you still feeding her jarred food? that could be the problem too. she may be ready for table food. does she watch you eat with a fork or spoon. try giving her one. do you all eat together or does she eat seprately before your dinner. i eat with my daughter and find she eats better when she sees mommy or daddy eating what she has. i hope this is helpfull to you and remember one meal less wont hurt her one day i know with your work background its hard but it wont make you a bad mother. also i agree with SH she is very factual and it is normal for kids to go in and out of foods they like or dislike. good luck!

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