3 Month Old Son Just Diagnosed with down Syndrome

Updated on May 09, 2008
J.V. asks from Sacramento, CA
4 answers

My son was just diagnosed with Down syndrome and I'm hoping to find a local support group here in Sacramento. I'd love recommendations for a pediatrician that specializes in this as well. Does anyone have any information or advice?

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Please do contact both Warmline and Alta Regional like the others suggested. They are wonderful resources. My daughter was born with Spina Bifida and wasn't supposed to walk, but she is well on her way! They provide wonderful help/therapy. The people there are really nice too. Good luck, it will all work out.



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You can contact Alta Calif. Regional Center's Early Intervention department, they provide lots of services and supports. Also contact the Warmline, it is a family resource center for families with children with special needs.

:) M. S



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Hi J.. I'm a mom in Roseville with a 20 month old with Downs. What a wonderful journey you are embarking on. I want a bumper sticker that says, "My child has more chromosomes than your child!" LOL Our little guy is the light of our lives and suprises us each day with what he does.

You can call the Warmline at (800) 660-7995. They are a non-profit that is ran by parents of special needs kids. They can give you all the info about support groups, services, etc.

Once your son gets his Regional Center services in place, make sure your case manager refers him to their Downs clinic. Dr. Wardinsky runs it and he's wonderful to explain so much about Downs and what to expect.

If you want to talk more, let me know.




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We have a freind in grass valley that had a daughter with DS. She worked with her and the young lady is a delight, she is very functional and a great blessing to the family. There is a nutritional approach to downs. My wife can tell you about it, call A. ###-###-####.

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