3 Month Old Hit Head

Updated on March 29, 2010
M.B. asks from Dallas, TX
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In a split second, my 3 month old rolled off his play mat and bumped the back of his head on the hard tile floor. Should we take him into the ER or just closely monitor any unsual activity?

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answers from Washington DC on

He should be fine , it's not a drop off of the playmat , the place where bumps can be dangerous are the soft spot , also signs to look out for after a bump to the head are vomiting , rolling eyes , but just a roll from the mat will be fine.

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answers from Chicago on

Call you doctor, just to be sure. My son fell off our bed at 6 months, right on his head, but he was not acting any different. We called the doc and they told us to keep an eye on him. Give them a call JUST to be sure.

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answers from Phoenix on

Was the playmat flat on the floor or did the child drop any distance? If your baby just bonked his head while rolling, I'm sure he's fine. If the playmat was elevated (like on a couch, which it never should be because kids DO roll) and hit the floor with force, then I would check his eyes for reaction to light and pupil response and monitor him. If he hit his head REALLY hard, then he should see a doctor. Good luck!

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answers from Providence on

Well make sure he doesnt go 2 sleep right away an if u notice he isnt acting normal then take him 2 the er but as of right now keep a close eye on him



answers from Philadelphia on

one thing I always keep in mind is if they cry immediately after a hard hit, it's a good sign. If they don't cry, they could have passed out, which isn't good.



answers from Los Angeles on

I just came from the ER with my daughter.. mind you she is 6 months older and fell from the couch to the floor in a split second!!
I am still shaking. The Dr. told me she was ok and that we would never have evolved this far if babies were truly fragile.. that being said she said it is normal for a little vomit after but if it is non-stop, then worry. She can sleep but no longer than 2 hours and then I must wake her to see that she is making eye contact and recongnizing me. Also, I am to wake her in the night every 4 hours to check for the same..
Keep an eye out for swelling around the area and I good detector is the soft spot, if it is still sunk in then that is good, if it is raised atall.. you need to have him seen.
I feel for you.. this was a huge ordeal for me and I will definately be taking more advantage of the floor from now on!!



answers from Seattle on

depending if bump, bruise?
If he seems ok id just monitor him and see how he does.



answers from Florence on

Suprisingly their heads are pretty hard. I would just monitor him because you might wind up sitting in the waiting room for 4 or more hours and they might not even treat him for anything. I know it is scary because they are so little but as long as he acting normally, I wouldn't worry. My daughter was a little over one and fell off the picnic table at the nursery due to the negligence of a teacher. She had a HUGE bump on her forehead, scratches and a black eye. But amazingly she was allright. No head trauma or anything. They are alot tougher than we think they are but it doesn't help your heart any when it happens. The doctor told us to keep an eye on her for a concussion and the some of the signs are dilated pupils and extreme lethargy I believe. Well I hope he is okay and remember, just breathe.



answers from Chicago on

Call the DR.. they will tell you what to look for. If he seems to be playing normally and no puking he will likely be okay. But the dr. can tell you more exactly.



answers from Dallas on

I'm a pedi ICU nurse and a mom that has had this happen to all three kiddos. For the first 24 hours, when the child is sleeping, go in and make sure the child will arouse to noise or touch. Any vomiting needs to be reported to the doctor immediately. If, for the future, you are able to put ice on it, or a booboo pack, do so immediately. Put it in and off as tolerated. This will prevent swelling. Also a bump is better than any indentation on the head. I always check my child's pupils after a head injury. Make sure they react to the light by getting smaller and are equal when doing so. I pray you've made the right decision and are confy at home!

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