3 Month Old Has Two Teeth Coming In!!

Updated on December 14, 2010
S.Y. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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My 3 1/2 month old son has been showing signs of cutting teeth for the past few weeks but over the weekend I noticed that one of the bottom two has actually come through (and it is sharp!). I can tell when he is in pain and administer the gel, pellets and baby motrin as needed. It seems to help for the most part. I guess my question is if there are any foods that are safe for him to chew on at this age? He has plenty of teething toys but he still has problems holding things and putting them in his mouth. I'd like to find something that he can chew on safely and hold on his own. I know he's still really little but he already pushes my hands away if he's got a bottle so he can feed himself and he just seems like he's in a hurry to grow up! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and needed! Thanks :)

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answers from Dallas on

He is way too young, for food. My son had teeth this early and the pediatrician still said no solids, before 6 months. Teeth don't really mean anything. It's his digestive system, that can't handle the food. I totally agree with the washcloths, that's what I gave my son.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't think I would give a 3 month old any solid foods. Formula or breastmilk is all they need til 6 mos.
Freeze some wet, quartered baby wash cloths in a ziplock and let him gnaw away on those!

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answers from San Francisco on

Hi S.
His too young to chew on foods.
Would recommend this after 6 mths, chunks of carrotts or a chunk of cold cucumber.
Keep doing what your doing,pain relief and teething toys.
You can help him keep the teething toy in his mouth.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can get one of those net chewy things in the baby feeding section at Target or BRU and put a frozen cube of breastmilk or formula into it.



answers from Las Vegas on

THe frozen washcloth idea sounds good to me. When he's a little older and can take solids, frozen peas work well.



answers from Los Angeles on

My first baby got teeth at 8 months and then solid food at 8.5 months.

My 2nd got teeth at 4 months old and then reached out at about 4.5 months old and grabbed my Chile Relleno burrito and shoved it into his mouth - he couldn't get enough...with salsa and all! Ok, so he never had ANY baby food.

My 3rd didn't get teeth until 12 months old and still would not eat ANYTHING except for breastmilk. Finally at 18 months, I stopped breastfeeding and she started eating solids - no baby food either.

You could try this:


answers from Los Angeles on

No solids, milk only. We didn't start our daughter out on baby food until the 6 month mark, per our pediatrician.



answers from St. Louis on

My 4 month old just cut his first two teeth both within a week. All of my kids liked the teething toys that I put in the fridge to keep cold and also a frozen wash cloth to chew on.



answers from Chicago on

My daughter got her 1st tooth at 3 1/2 months. Dr. was shocked. She had all 20 (this includes her 2 year molars) by 18 months...so be prepared for them to come in fast & furious! Do not give him any solids...he is too young. Teeth do not mean his body or mind are ready for other food yet. Give him chew toys & other things meant for babies this young. We started our kids on solids (meaning jarred baby food) at 6 months & 5 months.


answers from San Diego on

My son had 2 teeth come in at 3 months old too. We loved those little mesh pacifier type thingies that you put frozen fruit into and they can chew/suck on the fruit without choking. Sorry, I'm blanking on what they're called but can be found at Babies r' Us easily.

here's a link from a blog that talks about it and provides a link to buy directly from the company too: http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/meal-time/baby-safe-mesh...

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